life does not suck


Things I learned this weekend:

Staying up really late on Friday night screws up the entire weekend for me. I really hate when I stay up late on Fridays and I hate that I can't seem to remember how much I hate it from weekend to weekend.

'Love, Actually' is a pretty good movie. It had a few cliches, but much (if not most) of it was surprising and fun.

Moonshine is quite tasty. And potent.

I'm very, very unaccustomed to driving 5+ hours in a day, especially since Francisco insists on driving most of the time when we go places.

Francisco can do Anything, even including putting together a propane grill quickly and correctly while cats meow at him from windows and doorsteps. He can also whip up a fantastic white clam sauce while I meow at him from the sofa, where I am hungry and attempting to project a wasted gauntness I could probably pull off successfully if I didn't eat for the next 7 years. He is a wonder.

When I rashly decided Toluca was my Liga Mexicana team, I was right on the money. You should've seen the trouncing they gave the Pumas yesterday; it was Glorious.

Forgetting the camera when visiting my sister is dumb, because there's always so much to photograph at her place, and this time I could've taken one jillion pictures of their dog, Missy. Missy is a bulldog/boxer mix and is completely charming and photogenic. Stupid forgetty brain!

Now that my wrists are almost 38 years old, it seems to be a bad idea to do a lot of knitting at once. I knitted on Saturday and woke up with a weirdly sore right wrist. It still hurts just as much today and it makes me uneasy, since as you know, I love to knit and have a LOT of yarn sitting around, waiting for me to make it into things. This wrist pain better go away, and Fast. Babies are going to be born and how will they stay warm without their blankets?


PS The Song of the Day is the Eel's 'Whatever Happened to Soy Bomb', at Pregnant Without Intercourse. Max, this is no coincidence. |


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