life outline


A) Office #1 isn't returning my calls.

B) I slept great last night and am having a terrific day today.

C) Tonight
a) martini with two jalapeno-stuffed olives!
b) pasta with bolognese sauce! [I'm really quite hungry]
c) Survivor; general relaxation and indolence.

D) Weekend!
a) tomorrow--cleaning, laundry, knitting, other things.
b) Sunday--to Charlotte to see my sister and her husband and eat foods under a canopy, for Sukkot.

E) Songs of the Day
a) Bang Bang -- Electric Sex, at Shake Your Fist.
b) The Cardigans -- I Need Some Fine Wine and You, You Need To Be Nicer, at Radio Free Internet.
c) The Staple Singers -- I See It, at The Stypod. [DREAS, I think you'd like this]

F) I need to pee
a) I'll talk to you later
b) Have a wonderful weekend
c) Love,
d) E |


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