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You guys, Office #1 and Office #2 are working me over again, though it's mainly Office #1 this time. I was told this morning that the file was ready for me to download, so I eagerly did that, only to find it's the same damn file they've sent me twice before--the one that contains no real data. The following is a pictoral representation of how I'm beginning to feel about this whole mess:

the Hanson brothers

In other news, this morning I figured out how to get to my Flickr photo urls so I could display pictures in here. Bitchin! I'm not sure why it took me so long to figure that nonsense out, but it did, so there you go.

Look what I parked next to this morning:

the Pathfinder Armada

Ladies and Gentlemen, I give you the Pathfinder Armada. This is the biggest SUV I've seen that wasn't a Hummer; I goggled at the sheer enormity of the thing. I yanked this picture off the web and unfortunately there's nothing next to the vehicle to give you a sense of scale, but trust me, it's enormous. I'm glad it's not me who's paying to fill this behemoth with gasoline. PS the name, Armada, is the whole reason I wanted to talk about this. Armada:

1) A fleet of warships.
2) A large group of moving things: an armada of ants crossing the lawn

The name fits not at all, and yet, it does. Whoever came up with that has earned my admiration and respect, plus a boot up the ass if he/she and I ever cross paths.

Another thing I wanted to tell you is, I frequently think about throwing away some of the many, many bottles of nail polish I have, but then the most unwearable colors come in handy in unforeseen ways, causing me to hold onto them even tighter. This morning I wanted to wear a ring I have that's made of metal, enamel, and small glass stones (in other words, a priceless artifact), but I discovered one of the dark blue stones had fallen out. Fortunately I happened to have some dark blue polish in my stash and employed it to fill in the shiny metal place where the stone had been, and voila! Unless you look fairly closely, you'd never know it was missing. Oh nail polish, is there anything you can't do??

Songs of the Day:

Sufjan Stevens -- She Is, at Gorilla vs Bear.

Cordero -- Had You Fallen Away, at South of Mainstream.

Kiko & Deschezeaux -- Rock Your Body [a truly gruesome Justin Timberlake cover--you've been warned], at Copy, Right?. Scroll down to 10.06.05. That Copy, Right? site is terrific--one of my favorites, as you might have noticed.

I slept badly last night. I had trouble falling asleep and then I woke up at 3:15-ish and couldn't go back to sleep. I laid there for almost 2 hours, trying to shut my brain off so I could sleep, but no luck. It didn't help that Lucy decided to love me the only way she knows how: By getting onto my pillow, sticking her nose in my ear, and purring loudly. It's sweet, but it's not sleep-conducive. Still, I allowed it, because I know the only time she's brave enough to seek affection is when we're nonthreateningly horizontal. Someone please fax me a six pack of Red Bull and a carton of Marlboro Lights--I will use the cigarettes to bribe my fellow inmates into doing my work for me.

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