get ready to rue the day


Right, so I made the commitment to write here every day (though I should have qualified that as every weekday, since I've only written weekend entries very rarely and am not going to change that now), and now I need to follow through with it. Possibly I should have thought things through awhile longer before getting all up in Diaryland's grill with my declarations and promises and whatnot. Alas, the damage is done.

What I would like to tell you today is I'm having some pretty unpleasant pms this month, and I think I've figured out why: The weather we've been having lately is sucking mightily. It's been almost a couple of weeks (I believe) of gray, rainy days, and that's not that normal for here, plus we had near-continuous sun for the, oh, 8,000-ish days prior. A shock to the system, is what it is. LIGHT DEPRIVATION. I want my mother and my psychologist.

But on the other hand, I've been loving Flickr this week Even More than I did before, because I got invited to a group which doesn't seem nearly as interested in posting photos as in posting topics for discussion. Let me tell you, those people are Funny and I've been laughing a lot, even through the pain of low-sunlight aggravated pms and needing to do the work for which I am paid.

This is all my news today; as you can see, things are slow.

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