I hope Francisco won't get jealous


My friends, I have very exciting news. Someone from Shawford, Hampshire, England is completely, head-over-heels in love with me!! He/she read pages and pages of my diary yesterday via searches for "glasses" and "lenses" and etc, so clearly he/she only loves me for my blindness, but I'll take what I can get. I know some people find it creepy when a person reads many pages of their diary/blog/whatever at all once, but I don't mind at all, even when there is clearly a blindness fetish involved. I welcome any and all readers [and feel free to use the guestbook to say hi], unless you're my boss, in which case you should leave immediately and never come back.

Speaking of whom, here's a haiku I wrote at the meeting I had to attend today:

making an entrance,
the boss sweeps in, late, hoping
he looks important

I also wrote another one, later on:

pompous ass, pompous
ass. pompous ass. pompous ass.
pompous, pompous ass

It's obviously crap, but it fit the moment.

The meeting wasn't all haikus and carefree hateration, but that was about all I got out of it, though I know I appeared to be paying extremely close attention. The simulation of interest is a skill I acquired and perfected as a child, while sitting through sermons at church, and it has served me well lo these many years. The meeting did prompt me to add something to my To-Do list: 'Get "boilerplate" removed from dictionary'. Oh how that word was batted around, and oh how I ground my teeth in annoyance! The meeting didn't last as long as I feared, and several of us went to lunch at a favorite Indian place; it made everything better. Chicken tikka masala, is there ANYthing you can't fix???

Songs of the Day:

Flaming Lips -- Yoshimi Battles the Pink Robots, Pt. 1, at Hello Gina. I love this song.

Busta Rhymes -- Where's Your Money, at *ADORU.

Frankie Machine -- Black Eyes #3, at songs: illinois.

Jonathan Coulton -- Baby Got Back, at his site. You may remember Mr. Coulton from such awesome songs as 'Skullcrusher Mountain', which the royal we* raved about awhile back, and I so Love this cover of Baby Got Back. He has many other songs available here, as well. Super savory!

On the agenda for tonight: Home for dinner and the viewing of way too much television, full stop. You know, this past summer I was pretty impressed with myself for the very small amount of tv I was watching. I felt all intellectual, with my lack of interest in tv and with all the books I was reading and yadda yadda blah blah, but then? The fall television season started back up, and suddenly my television dance card filled up. I've been thinking about shows to possibly jettison, but what to choose? Help me, interweb! Here is what I've been watching [keeping in mind we usually watch the show in question the day after Tivo picks it up]:

Sunday: Rome
Monday: Arrested Development
Tuesday: House; Gilmore Girls
Wednesday: Lost
Thursday: Survivor
Friday: ? [nothing to pick up on Tivo, but we watch Survivor on Fridays]
Saturday: Deadwood

And every morning, while drinking coffee and having breakfast, we watch The Daily Show, recorded the night before, plus we just added The Colbert Report to the morning schedule, also from the night before. AND, there are soccer games recorded at all hours of the day and night that get viewed whenever there's time, but frequently we watch some or all of games on two-click fast forward [also known as "fast-mo" and "double time harch"], due to having little time for watching the games on regular-mo. Uch, this is too much tv and I've been thinking if Lost doesn't start moving it along a little bit, it might be on the chopping block, along with the Gilmore Girls, with which I don't have a real beef, but the cutting-down has to start somewhere.

I think my wrist is getting better, though, which means I can do some knitting while watching television, and that changes everything--see equations one and two:

Equation One:

Discretionary time - 2 hours television viewing = 2 fewer hours of life

Equation Two:

(Discretionary time - 2 hours television viewing + 2 hours knitting) = (2 fewer hours of life + a few inches of knitted item) + (feeling of having DONE something, for chrissake)

If there is some obvious algebraic flaw in the above equations, whatever you do, DON'T TELL ME ABOUT IT. I've never been any good at math(s), and yet I gain.

Aren't you glad I vowed to start updating my diary every day again? Oy.


* Awesome band name [!], but alas; already taken. |


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