mainly I've been substituting "brilliant" or "fantastic"


It's funny to me how a person's situation affects their opinions and feelings, and how that can change when the situation changes. When I was at my last job, looking at tax returns of wealthy or relatively wealthy people, I felt quite passionate about the necessity of social services for poorer people. Now that I'm looking at tax returns of mostly poor people, I can't help but wonder why my tax dollars are paying for other people to have so many children (specifically I'm thinking about earned income credit; stuff like that). Also, I just read a letter from a student who says his stepfather is refusing to support him and just wants him out of the house as soon as possible. Previously I would have felt huffy at the stepfather but now I can't help but imagine all the potentially rotten things this student, as a teenager, has said to the stepfather over the years. I mean, it's entirely possible that the stepfather is an evil, heartless person, but at this point he's the one I'm identifying with. Will Sharky's teen years never end?!?

Last night Twyla and the girls came over and we all went up to the park on Craig's Hill to look at the full moon and eat moon cakes, except they were actually corn muffins with jam. This was in celebration of the Moon Festival, and it was fun and I'm glad Twyla thought to do it. Baby Frances (of the Chinese Delegation) seemed to enjoy the festivities but didn't want to finish her corn muffin until after we'd thrown it into the bushes. I love love LOVE that kid and I'm so happy she is in our lives. Lou too, of course; she is a KICK.

Just so you know, I'm working very hard to stop using the word "awesome". I was saying it a lot (thanks to Napoleon Dynamite) but I'm over it and every time I accidentally say it I cringe.

Tonight we're having roasted chicken and mashed potatoes and a big salad for dinner. Yay!




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