the approaching onslaught


So, it's fall Refund Day today--the worst workday of the year--and I'm bracing for impact. The checks aren't given out until 1:00, so at approximately 1:01 we'll have our first agitated student asking why he/she didn't get a check, and then we'll have maybe 800 more agitated students until 5:00 when we'll shut and bar the doors. And the kicker is that Baby Rich called in sick. Considering he once told me that he never gets sick and that when he calls in sick it's so he can do stuff other than work, I'm pretty pissed at him. Yet at the same time the rest of us are rallying to overcome the crucial lack of a coworker today, in much the same way a soccer team will often rally and do better after one of their players has been red carded off. So it is my opinion that we'll be fine and that B.R. can go fuck himself.

One thing to look forward to right now is that Francisco and I are going to lunch today (at 11:00), and that's a good thing because he's doing a police patrol today from 2:00 to midnight, so I won't see him tonight. I'm thinking about what I'll do after work and that maybe I'll go for a bike ride if the weather improves (it's cold and a little rainy right now), or I was thinking maybe I could take myself out to dinner to the soup place, because soup sounds really good today. It depends on how I feel after the afternoon onslaught.

No big weekend plans as of yet, but I have plenty of things I Could do. I think tomorrow I'll do my chore stuff and Sunday I'll do some project stuff, and on Sunday evening we're going to take a second look at a house we saw awhile back that I liked but that needed a lot of updates. They're all cosmetic things that can be done a little at a time, and the house is in our price range and is roomy without being too big, and plus has enough yard without being too much yard. That's all I'm going to say for now; I'll tell you more later if we buy the place.

That's probably all I've got to say for now--I'm feeling pretty scatter-brained (didn't sleep well) and have work to do before my lunch hour. Have a great day and weekend, lambies.




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