I'm a good girl, I am


Okay, so I've been having some minor mental illness the past week or 10 days, due to still being super congested (this weekend I started noticing an infinitesimal amount of improvement per day) and also due to stress of trying to buy a house but then not. However, the mental illness has lifted and my attitude is much improved.

Things which are good:

1) The weather has turned decidedly chilly. This pleases me because I have a lot of long-sleeved shirts/sweaters I really like, and most of them came from thrift stores, so they are considered Finds.

2) I went thrift store shopping yesterday, again. Last weekend I bought a copper 3-tier hanging basket thingie for vegetables, and an end table. The table is, I think, quality (made by Lane -- I just know so little about furniture pedigrees), but the top is veneer and I don't really like that. I'm planning to paint it a glossy black, which I think will look outstanding. This end table is the only real one we have; we've been using a small plant stand as an end table, and it's been fine since we have so little room in our rental house, but when we buy a house I hope to have more room and will want end tables, dammit. This weekend I scored 4 balls of 100% virgin wool (orange) -- this is rare; most yarn I see at thrift shops is acrylic--2 cameras for decoration, and a small planter in which I will force bulbs for the holidays. I'm going to make a hat and mittens out of the orange wool, someday, when I get all my other projects done.

3) I was worried about our realtor hating us now, after we decided not to pursue the last house any further, but apparently there's no hate and she still wants to work with us. This week we're going to do a second look at a house we saw once and liked except that there were a lot of things needing updates, and also see a couple of houses newly on the market. We decided (as part of our decision not to pursue the last house) that we wanted to go back to looking in a lower price range, because though we could afford the higher range we were looking in, it was making us both a bit nervous and neither of us wants to feel enslaved by our house payment.

4) Francisco's mom visited this weekend and it was fun to see her. She and Lou came along on the thrift shop trip yesterday and then we went out to lunch with the whole family except Francisco, who was at work. Saturday night everyone but Twyla came over for dinner; she stayed home because she had strep throat. Yikes! She got antibiotics and Vicodin and was better yesterday. Have you noticed it's easier to get Vicodin and even heavy narcotics nowadays than it is to get antibiotics? Crazy.

5) The kittens in the back yard are significantly tamer now. They won't let me touch them, but they'll hang out back there when I'm in the yard; this is an improvement. They're also much bigger so I think we're going to try and trap them before we move. One reason I was anti-the trapping idea previously is because I was afraid we'd get the mom but not all the babies, and they were too young to be on their own without their mom. Now I think any stragglers would be okay, so we'll give it a shot, though I have no idea exactly where to get a trap or what kind to get.

That's all I can think of right now. For the last few minutes of my lunch hour, I'm going to google to see if the internet has instructions for making a murphy bed. One of the houses we're going to look at has 1800 square feet but only 2 bedrooms, so I'm trying to think up ways to turn a living room/parlor into a comfortable guest room when necessary. Key word: Comfortable.




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