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Hello hello how are you? I'm doing pretty good but am feeling generally overwhelmed right now because of stupid work being so busy. It's starting to get a tiny bit less busy, overall, so I'm just going to hold on and wait for things to return to normal. I think this is a good plan but I hope normalcy gets its fat ass back here ASAP.

Last week Francisco painted our bedroom a darkish turquoise and I love it. At the same time he rearranged the furniture in there, as he is genetically compelled to do, and alluvasudden Esther loves the bedroom again. She especially loves it now that we switched to the down comforter this weekend (this switch has, by the way, produced a small mountain of laundry that I'm working through), and I know she's just a CAT, but I love it when she's happy.

Things which also happened this weekend include:

1) Shopping -- Saturday I went to Yakima to look for clothes and I shopped for several hours with no success. Then I went to Target and bought 2 pairs of pants, 2 pairs of jeans, a pair of fleece pj pants, a shirt, and a few assorted non-clothing items. Why did I not just go there first?? Note to self for future.

2) BroCo's film festival was this weekend. I bought a 6 pack of tickets but only saw 3 films. Francisco was planning to go to a couple with me on Sunday but didn't end up getting home until 8 in the morning (4 hours late), so understandably he didn't want to see a movie at noon. Movies I saw: A) World's Greatest Dad -- I was a little hesitant to see this, because Robin Williams was the main character, and even though his performance was described as "restrained", I thought he might be still too hyper for my taste. However! He WAS restrained and I really enjoyed this movie. Well, maybe enjoyed is not quite the right word, as the plot itself was anxious-making, but it was good and I would recommend it. B) Back to the Garden -- documentary about some hippies, in 1988 and again 20 years later. Really liked this film--also recommending. C) Monster Camp -- Hoo boy this film blew my mind a little, and still does any time I think about it. It's about people who get together on weekends to do live role playing games, and the reason it blows my mind is I absolutely cannot imagine ever doing that myself--I tried imagining it and there is just no way. I found out after seeing it that Netflix has it on Watch Now, so if you do Netflix and have Watch Now capability, you should get in there and see it.

3) On Sunday night temperatures were getting down to freezing, so Francisco went out and picked pretty much everything in the garden. Our dining table is covered in tomatoes and eggplants, and there are like 30 lemon cucumbers on the kitchen counter, plus a watermelon, a huge bowl of Thai peppers, and a big bowl of bell peppers. We also had a big bowl of jalapenos but I cut the stems off and put them in freezer bags and into the freezer this morning. I will do the same for the Thai peppers, but need to chop up the bell peppers before I can freeze those. I'll do it, I'll do it--quit rushing me.

Yesterday morning I had a dentist appointment--just a cleaning--and I told them about my tooth sensitivity problems. They didn't see any decay anywhere, and they took an x-ray to rule out an abscess. Basically my teeth (the tooth next to Old Baby and the ones next to that one) have gotten super sensitive for unknown reasons. They said it could be partly because my left sinus cavity is enlarged, which makes sense, what with all the congestion and etc lately, and also that my tubules are probably enlarged (hopefully temporarily). The hygienist painted the sensitive areas with some kind of fluoride that can help close the tubules, and holy shit it KILLED. So painful, but the pain did subside and I hope it helped. I haven't tried to eat anything cold since, so I don't know yet. *fingers crossed*. But the good news is that Old Baby is okay, at least for now.

At work I'm fortunate to have windows in my office, and outside one of my windows is a big Russian Sage bush that the bees have been in love with all summer. My chair kind of faces the window so I've watched the bees go apeshit for this bush for months, and now apparently the bush is putting on seeds, because birds have started flocking to the bush as well. This tiny wildlife pleases me.

OH speaking of tiny wildlife, last night I watched Hoarders for the first time (the tiny wildlife in this case was mice living in all the crap in someone's house) and it was horrifying. I got so angry at this woman whose hoarding caused her to lose her kids (not literally lose them, though with all the stuff in that house, it would've been possible); she needed to clean up her house if she wanted to get them back. So this big team of people showed up and started dragging stuff outside to sort through it, and that fool woman wouldn't part with anything. She even kept a PLASTIC BIG GULP CONTAINER. I wanted to shake her. I mean, I know hoarding is like a mental illness, but basically she was choosing a big gulp container over her children at that point, you know? This made me very angry and I don't think I can watch that show again, because I have to assume most of the hoarders are like that. It's maddening and now I want to go home and get rid of a bunch of stuff.

Instead I'm going to go home and finish up Laundry Mountain and have dinner and watch Big Bang Theory with Francisco. And maybe Castle. Oh, and I'm going to put on my new fleece pj pants which I love so much. What a night this will be!




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