shingles belle


Hello Internet. Some of you know this already, but I've got the Shingles. Can you believe that shit? As you can imagine, I'm feeling extremely vibrant and attractive. Here are some pros and cons to having Shingles:


- Got to see Doctor again. He is still awesome.
- Francisco made big fun of me when I told him I thought I had Shingles, and I will hold this diagnosis over his head for the rest of my life.


- The PAIN the PAIN oh god make it stop.
- Doctor prescribed Acyclovir which hopefully will shorten the duration of the Shingles, but I have to take it 5 times a day. If we lived in a Muslim community I'd have a built-in reminder, but oh well.
- Up until this morning I had no rash, and this would be in the pros column except today I woke up with a single little blister on my spine and I fear it is a harbinger of things to come.
- The constant pain is taking a toll on my patience; I'm using it up a lot quicker and am having to rely heavily on gritting my teeth and powering through.
- I now have something in common with Dooce.

Doctor also gave me a prescription for Lidocaine ointment, and I was super chuffed about it until I put some on last night and it did Nothing. I thought it would give at least Some relief from the constant ouchy, but not so much. I'll try it again, though, just in case.

I have other stuff to talk about (I was planning to go on a bit about how good Battlestar Galactica is and how some tv shows [coughLOSTcough] could take a lesson from them) but I don't have the time. Maybe soon I will update again, but given my recent track record, you might not want to place any wagers on it.




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