A few nights ago when I was getting ready for bed, something caused me to start thinking about someone who done me wrong in the past, and from there I got stuck in a loop of angry thoughts about people for whom I'm holding grudges for whatever reason. It was not pleasant, and I realized I need to forgive everyone I'm angry at, because it's only doing harm for me to hold on to that bullshit. I thought I forgave most of these people years and years ago, but apparently I didn't--not truly. So when I went to bed that night, I envisioned standing in front of a big group of people that I am still mad at and telling them all, "I forgive you". I had to say it several times, and I've done this same envisioning deal every night since then, and will basically forgive those people every night until I have actually for real forgiven them. I will update you in a couple of years and let you know how it's going.*

Speaking of people being angry at other people, yesterday one of my coworkers got in big trouble for doing something the second in command boss specifically told her not to do. Apparently the SICB yelled at her for it when she found out -- I wasn't there for that -- and my coworker was subdued for the rest of the today. Today she told me, "She was wrong to yell at me for that", and I don't know how I did it, but I managed to have a short conversation with her about the incident without revealing that I think SICB was absolutely justified in yelling at her for it. When the SICB says don't do something and you do it anyway? Come on. I hope I don't have to hear about the incident over and over again; this particular coworker likes to rehash things when she feels victimized. And I LIKE this coworker, but I can't say I really like hearing multiple times about how wronged she feels.

A couple days ago Francisco surprised me with the gift of a Flip recorder. He'd read some stuff about them and thought I would like one, so he got it for me. How sweet is that?? Answer = Very. I love the Flip; I'm going to use it all the time. This morning I filmed myself giving Esther her canned food treat, hoping she would be as frantic crazy as usual, because she's really funny when she's like that, but unfortunately this morning she was only semi-crazy for the food. I'm going to try again and see if I can capture her in "going apeshit for breakfast" mode. Then I will post the video for anyone who cares to see it, because we obviously don't have enough videos of cats on the internet. You're welcome, America!

I just started typing out what I'm going to do this weekend, but then I deleted it, because recently I haven't been too good about following through with planned weekend activities. Next week I will just tell you anything I did that was interesting and we can skip all the things I won't get around to. What are YOU doing this weekend?


*This is a joke....I hope.



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