Might have to Calista Flockhart dinner tonight


Kittens, I don't know what I was thinking this morning when I put a headband into my still-wet hair. My hair is way too long and I'm getting it cut tomorrow, and I've been having fairly bad hair days for a couple of weeks. I thought I would headband the bad hair off at the pass today, but what I have instead is dork hair. It is the Hair of Last Resort, and now that there's a headband in there, there's nothing else I can do with the hair today to make it better. I'll have to just Laverne and Shirley my way through today and hope for the best. [See what I did there? Trying to further my 'name as verb' campaign? I am so tricky.] You try it; it's fun.

Last night Francisco greeted me with a charcuterie plate (okay, it was slices of good salami and some really good goat cheese, with crackers--perhaps not a charcuterie plate proper, but we did add cornichons, later), some wine, and the invitation to sit on the new patio for a few minutes, before the Buffy reruns started. We sat out there and it was cool and pleasant, and friends? I could get used to that. While we were out there Francisco said that he'd communicated with his sister, Elsee and that she'd suggested we all go to Maui for Christmas. It sounds like a wonderful idea, to go somewhere warm for Christmas, but I am countering with Brazil, specifically Ilha Grande, which Atomic says is paradise on earth. My reasons are that it is much less touristy than Hawaii, and it would cost a Lot less while offering similar amenities. The only hitch (which would also be a problem with Maui) is that it is a very long trip just to get there, and I'm not sure how Elsee's daughter would feel about that. It's my understanding that she Hates the car; how would she feel about the interminable plane ride? I mean, I almost freak out on a long plane ride (start to feel claustrophobic when I'm cramped into a plane seat), and I'm 35. We'll see what gets decided.

I wish I had more of the funny going on right now, but today at work has been really busy and annoying, and it drove the funny away with a big stick. Tonight Francisco goes to his Tuesday Night Showdown, so it's just me and Boy who will be foraging for dinner, and when I say foraging, I'm not kidding. I'm sure I'll root out something to have for dinner, but the cupboard is kind of bare because we haven't shopped lately. Who has time, with all the brick patioing and whatnot?



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