the hair resolution


I was looking forward to getting my hair cut today, or rather I was looking forward to having it shorter, because I don't really enjoy the haircut proper. I took an early lunch--11:00--and went to the same cheap walk-in place I always go to. Some woman got there just before me, and the two people cutting hair there ignored her so she sat down, and I sat down. Five minutes passed and one haircutting lady finished up with a customer and spent another 5 minutes trying to get his credit card to go through. While she was wrestling with that, two adults and two little boys (4 year old twins, I came to find out) came in, and they were related to the woman who walked in before me. She was holding their place! So now instead of one person ahead of me, there were 5. I was pissed and when the hair woman finally got around to asking me for my name I asked her where there was another of the hair places (it is a chain). She told me and I went there, not too excited about it, especially because at that point I only had half an hour remaining on my hour lunch. When I got to the other place there were only two people working and they said they'd be with me in a minute, so I sat down and then stood back up and walked out. Because I decided that I am Done with those places. Fin (thank you Miles). I bought an International Tattoo magazine at the newstand next door, an iced latte at the Fourbucks a couple stores down, and got in the car and drove to the spa where I got the pedicure and manicure in January (it was on the way back to the office). I went in and made a hair appointment for tomorrow at noon, and THAT, my friends, is a hair appointment I am excited about.

Here is my essential problem with getting a haircut: I have problem hair. It is not thick hair, though it Looks thick (somewhat of a blessing, I guess) and it is curly but not Really curly. I am always seeing cute hairstyles on people and then immediately realizing that their hairstyles won't work with my hair. If it were straight, that would help. If it were thicker, that would also help, and if it were truly curly, that would at least be something to work with. The hair books salons put out for people to look through have hairstyles almost exclusively for straight hair. There are some for curly hair, but the hair is curlier than mine. Am I boring you?



(check one)

I'm hoping the stylist tomorrow will be willing to chat for a couple minutes about potential styles for this style-resistant hair, because sometimes when I go in without really knowing what I want, I can sense the stylist's inner self sighing and rolling his/her eyes. Have you seen What Not To Wear? [yes, I know I mentioned it on Monday too, but this is different--please hold.] You know the guy who examines the victims' hair and tells them what would look good on them, and then he cuts it and the hair is always perfect for the person and adorable? I want him to cut my hair. I want him to come to North Carolina and live in my pocket and cut my hair whenever I need it. That Wayne with the ubiquitous horizontally-striped rugby can stay in New York, because he doesn't do a Thing for me (though he Does have lovely hair, for a man).

Enough about the hair. What else do I have to talk about? Ah yes, the eyeballs. The pollen is so thick around here now that I have to remove and rinse my contact lenses every half hour or so. Yesterday I was doing that but still when I took the lenses out after work, the eyeballs hurt for 4 hours afterward. The eyeball pain reset button got pushed during the night, so I'm okay today, but still rinsing.

The cats, and cats in general. I am happy to read that A found a cat to be in love with. Cats are amazing creatures, and I know dogs are too, in their own way, but I'll take cats any day of the week. This morning our girls woke up when we got up to take a walk, and they were laying on the bed like twin shrimps, squinting in the light and giving us the lovey blinky eyes. On our walk we saw our cat friend, Kiss Kiss, for the first time in months. She was laying on the porch across the street from where she lives (that's something I LOVE about cats; how they will claim things for themselves, like someone else's porch) and when she saw us she ran to meet us. We petted her and I picked her up and held her while we petted her some more. She's such a loving cat and I think she doesn't get enough attention from her people. But also she's not friendly to everyone, because after we put her down and kept walking, a guy passed us going the other way and she didn't make a move to greet him. I like that she likes getting attention from us, and I like having 'cat hands' for our cats to smell when we get home. They always look vaguely put out when they smell another cat on our hands; they act like we're cheating on them.

One final thing, last night I picked Boy up from his Tae Kwon Do and brought him home and started to make dinner. He went up to change clothes and then came back down and said there were a lot of ants on one of his windows. I went up to investigate, thinking it was maybe two or three ants, and holy shit, there actually Were a lot of ants! I ran down and got ant spray and sprayed them and most of them died immediately; the others have gone into hiding. I'm thinking we need to do a more comprehensive spraying, around the outside of the house, because it was creepy how many ants there were. This is Francisco's area, the killing of insects. I do the laundry, he kills the insects, and never the twain shall meet.

Oh wait, no, one Finalfinal thing--I saw that new Justin Timberlake video yesterday morning, and I am disturbed by how much I want to bite him. I never "got" the Justin Timberlake phenomena until a few weeks ago, but I understand now. I feel like Such a lemming.

Okay, screw it, one LastFinalfinal thing (I swear), if you saw Buffy last night, were you as shocked as I was when Xander's eye got mashed out by Icky Evil Preacher Man? I did Not see that one coming and it squicked me out. Other Buffy things, that Xander dream sequence at the beginning was hilarious, as was Andrew's recounting of Faith's history, where he has he killing a Vulcan, rather than a vulcanologist. That was beautiful.

,,,and that is all.

Love and kisses,

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