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I did one of my new step aerobic tapes this morning, and I decided to do the cheesiest looking one first--I was not disappointed. First of all, the women were wearing those leotard things that are cut (in the legs) up to the waist, and they were also wearing those sausage casing tights, circa the early 90's. The result was not flattering. Secondly it was set on the beach at Waikiki, and I think my favorite part of the whole thing is that there was a parrot sitting on a pole behind the main guy and his 4 exercising henchpeople (the two sausage legged women plus an older man and a younger man). The very best thing about the parrot is it had its back turned to the people in a posture which suggested a deep and abiding disdain for all things them. I was doing the tape but I kept seeing the parrot sitting there, all regal and dignified, and it made me giggle like crazy. I love that parrot. I didn't do the whole tape. It was longer than I thought it would be, and also? I am out of shape with the step aerobics. I got real sweaty, so I know the exercise was doing something, and that is very good. I'll do the rest of the tape another day this week.

Most of the weekend was the brick patio--it is finally in. I was trying to help Francisco with it on Saturday, but I ended up not being too much help. On Sunday I also did a little to help--mostly carrying bricks from the pile to where he was working--but this project was Francisco's baby and he preferred to do most of it himself. I decided that while Francisco was laboring on the patio, I would be a domestic goddess and that would be my contribution to our wellbeing. Our house is very very clean right now, and Francisco got good dinners both weekend nights, and cookies yesterday. The patio looks fantastic; Francisco did an amazing job, but it wore him out, poor thing. Here are a couple of pictures of the finished product:

We have plans to get a bench to put on the big part of the patio, and pile up potted plants on the smaller part. I love it, I think Francisco is a genius. One thing I did on Saturday was pot some geraniums and pansies and something else I can't remember the name of. I love potted plants; we're going to have a lot of them. I'll buy tomato and basil plants next weekend and pot them up; I definitely want to wait until after the 15th for those, because I've been tricked by the weather before.

Okay, when and how do you tell someone that something they're wearing is appallingly hideous? My deeply religious and extremely dowdy coworker came up to show me the shoes she is wearing today--she said she loves them and they're the only thing that made getting out of bed bearable today. The shoes were pretty cute (not out of this world cute, but cute), but what made me recoil in horror were the socks she was wearing with them. The shoes are a red leather mary jane with thin ankle straps, but she was wearing them with thick white socks! Like, athletic sock socks. Come on. I'm no fashion diva, but those socks are a huge DON'T. I sort of wanted to tell her that she should be wearing a much thinner sock, preferably a "trouser" sock (she was wearing pants; if with a skirt then of course pantihose), but what stopped me was knowing that she was stuck with the socks for today. If I had told her the socks are a big don't, she probably would've been bothered about it the rest of the day, and could do nothing about it. Also, the shoes are not hers--she borrowed them--so she probably won't be wearing them again. I won't get into how weird I think it is that she borrowed shoes (from someone who is not a relative or best friend), but at least the sock faux pas will be gone with the shoes. Have you seen What Not To Wear? This coworker should go on that show--she needs it really badly. I'm not trying to be mean, I'm just stating a fact.

I'm using a new slang I made up and it makes me happy. Instead of the word "scarf" (as a verb, i.e. to scarf a sandwich), I am using "Xander", as in the Xander character on Buffy. His character, when eating, seems to eat pretty fast and messy, hence the slang. Last night I had the pleasure of telling the Boy he should Xander down his toast so he could have cookies. He and I decided that you could also use "Joe Don Baker", but I think that would be better used in an instance of someone hogging something. As in, "Hey! Don't Joe Don Baker all the chips!" People's names as verbs: I think it's going to be the next big thing. Or at least it will be if I have anything to say about it.

This morning on my way to work, listening to my favorite radio station, I heard a song called Truck Driving Vampire; it was fabulous. The station then played another song about a vampire, also good, but I didn't catch the name of that one. Who knew there was one song about vampires, let alone two? It's nice I could hear good music on my way to work, because once I got into the general vicinity, the drive became aggravating. There are lots of visitors on the campus where I work today, and they were out driving this morning, and had no idea where they were going. I was delayed by several of them, and running through my head was the phrase, "lemon curd in my hair and murder on my mind". This was because I was eating a piece of toast with lemon curd on it while driving, and a little bit got in my hair. This would've been a better story if I'd mentioned that upfront, wouldn't it. Live and learn.

Today I was pointed to this site, which is one of the coolest ideas I've seen in a long time. I mistakenly thought I knew where one of the artomats were and went there at lunch, but then figured out I was wrong. I bought snapdragons instead, a four pack, and will plant them in a big pot soon. But anyway, is this not a really great idea?? I will definitely be visiting one of the places the artomats are (as opposed to where I think one is and it isn't) and will be starting my collection soon. And Atomic's collection, because she has the hots for the Artomats.

Remember how I told you about the Luna moth on our kitchen window screen? Francisco had taken a picture of it, and that picture is amazing. See for yourself:

I think that's about all I have today, except to say I dreamt this weekend that a German man was living with us, and his name was Bronze Macadangdang. I was puzzled about that name for the whole dream.


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