Hello! I was in Eugene the past few days, visiting my parents and my brother and Sharky, and it was a very nice time. Esther missed us terribly (I got my student coworker to come stay with her) and she showed this by purring for like two hours straight last night after we returned and also by waking me up about 15 times last night to say hello. I am tired and I have a headache. I'm also not feeling that great (intestinal thing again) the past couple weeks and a few minutes ago I called my doctor's office to see if I could get the antibiotic the internal medicine guy had mentioned to me when I saw him for my consultation appointment. He'd said usually it was prescribed after people had been sick 6-9 months, and I've been sick 7 months now, so I WANT THAT GODDAMN ANTIBIOTIC. I asked to speak with my doctor's nurse and she told me Doctor is "out throughout the summer" [which makes me worry something is terribly wrong with Doctor or someone in his family] and that I should see if the internal medicine doctor could prescribe it for me. I called his office and he's not there today but his nurse will call me tomorrow. Fingers crossed! I was feeling so good for a couple weeks there that I thought my troubles were more or less behind me, and this makes the "relapse" (or whatever) all the harder to take.

When we were in Eugene and NOT seeing family, we were doing some shopping. I got 4 tops (because I HATE every single shirt for sale in this town) and Francisco got jeans and shirts and we got stuff for the kitchen and Lu's birthday present, even though her birthday is months away (couldn't Not buy it; it's perfect). I got a super cute bell for my bike and will put it on this weekend. We also went to Trader Joes and got some sauces and etc, including 6 jars of corn salsa. I discovered a couple months ago that if you put their corn salsa in a halved avocado, it's like heaven on a plate. Oh, and I bought a toy for Sharky's girlfriend's chihuahua puppy, because that puppy is C-U-T-E. Anyway, I love Eugene and every time we visit I start thinking about moving there, but I do love our town so it's pretty unlikely we'll move anytime soon.

It's finally hot! Things are springing up in the garden and I already have zucchini to get rid of. Hooray! Fortunately one of my coworkers has expressed interest in them, which is great because I wanted to give her something anyway, since she gave us some morel mushrooms a couple months ago. The tomatoes have green fruits on them, as do the strawberries, and the pumpkin plants are starting to take over the bed and the area around the bed. Plus we have more salad greens than we can eat, but we're doing our best.

This headache is making it hard to think, so let's be done now.




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