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Oh you guys, I crossed So Many Things off my list this weekend! This whole list deal is making me very happy. And yesterday Francisco did like a million things at home (a couple of which are on MY list, so whatever, I will cross them off), and this morning he got a German Baptist to come and fix the electrical problem we've been having with two outlets that made it impossible to plug our tv in on that wall. This means we no longer have to run a giant yellow extension cord across the room to a different outlet, and as you can imagine this makes the living room more aesthetically pleasing. The main impetus for our getting a bunch of stuff done is that my parents are coming to visit next month, and there's nothing like having impending visitors to light a fire under the ass, yes? You will be pleased [indifferent] to know that I took "before" pictures of a couple of things so I can show you before and after pictures. Please hold your applause until all the winners have been announced.

Lately, in conjunction with the projects I've been doing, I have been reclaiming ownership over my house. What I mean by this is, for awhile I felt kind of blocked from doing anything at home, and when I say blocked I mean Mentally Blocked. Like, if I wanted to do something but I needed a tool or implement that was probably in the shed but I didn't know where, exactly, I would get all deflated and end up not doing the thing. For no reason other than that I didn't know exactly where I should look for whatever it was I needed! In the shed that I own half of! [or, as I would tell Francisco, in the shed that I own 51% of.]. I can't tell you why I had that mental block, but I did except I think I've vanquished it now. And the shed was just an example -- I was feeling the same way about the garage too, and a tiny bit about the office (also vanquished). Anyway, it's good I've gotten over that so I can continue the amazing list crossing-off momentum I have going.

So I still have not picnicked! (I know, right?) Last week I was gone three days and then the two days I worked it was super super hot and I didn't want to go outside, and then yesterday it wasn't too hot but it was extremely windy--even more windy than normal--and I didn't want to go outside. Today I didn't take a lunch hour because I arsed around on the internet too much when I was supposed to be working. Maybe tomorrow will be my lucky picnic day.

On Friday the internal medicine doctor's nurse called me and asked me a million questions and then said she'd talk to the doctor and call me back later that day. I am still waiting for her call, except not really because I don't think it's ever coming. So basically what has happened here is the doctor said there's a medicine that might really help me and I asked if I could have it and he said no. I guess he was never taught that kind of thing is impolite. I could go on quite a juicy rant about this situation, but why bother to put any more vitriol into the world? Answer = no reason. Anyway, it's very possible acupuncture is in my near future; I will keep you posted.

On Saturday I installed my new bell onto my bicycle and I love it so much. I hope I'll have an excuse to ring it at someone on the way home. Oh, and something that's making me so happy at work is I brought in 6 fake cardinals and perched them in my plants. I have 6 more at home (bought all 12 at the thrift store) and clearly I need to get more plants.




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