cruel summer


Last weekend I had what I think is an extremely great idea: Daily picnic lunches during my work lunch hour. Genius! What could be more awesome? Monday I brought a little crocheted blanket (a thrift store purchase) to work, for spreading on the ground under trees, but so far I haven't picnicked once. Monday I delayed my lunch hour until other people came back from theirs but then the office was too busy to leave. Tuesday I had to go to the post office to mail things. Yesterday it was too chilly, which has been the norm so far this "summer" and today it was too chilly also. I am vexed but refuse to give up. I WILL have my picnics! Maybe tomorrow will be my lucky picnic day.

Francisco is working on a Big Case, people. It's officially a missing persons case but it's very suspicious, and I can't say any more about it at this time, but Francisco basically worked straight through his 3 day weekend and has been working longer hours also, on his work days. Selfishly I don't like it, because I haven't been getting to see much of him, but I don't expect he'll have to work all that overtime for very much longer, AND he's really enjoying the work. I want him to be happy, so seeing him very interested in this case makes up for not getting to spend time with him. Normally Francisco takes his overtime hours as comp time, but he says he's taking these recent hours as cash money so he can buy me a nice present. This is really not necessary--I just want to hang out with him--but at the same time I wonder what present he has in mind. Hmm.

Today I was given an old mannequin hand, and BroCo suggested I put my business cards in it. Brilliance! I need to make a base for the hand, because it won't stand up with the cards in it, and I think that needs to go on the list as a pink highlighted item. I will take a picture of the finished product. I'm so glad I work in an office that allows me to have a mannequin hand on my desk.




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