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The office today is filled with the screech and whine of hot metal on metal action. It is deafening and like fingernails on a blackboard; I'm not going to live out the week. The reason for all this noise and hoo-haw is that someone is finally getting around to putting central heat and air into this building. I don't think it's necessary, personally, because I am never too cold or too hot (have a window air conditioner) but I guess some other people have temperature issues. I know for a fact, though, that there are going to be a lot of disgruntled people After the central heat/AC is in, because we'll have to settle on a temperature we can all live with, rather than choosing our own temperature with our own window air conditioners and radiators. What a treat that'll be. I picture a lot of sniping and passive-aggressive behaviors.

Survivor: Uck--whatever. I really hate when the final two contestants talk and talk about playing with morality and integrity and blah blah blah, gabba gabba hey. It seems like total manipulation and pandering, and Jenna and Matt didn't disappoint on that front. Listening to them talk made me sort of wish Rob was one of the final two, because I know HE at least would give the morality chat a rest. I always hate the snakes in the grass until it's whittled down to the final two, and then I start thinking they're not so bad. Also, Lora mentioned today about how cheesy Jeff Probst's jet ski "journey" was, and she is not wrong. We were pointing and laughing at Jeff Probst as he steered his jet ski up the Hudson River--it was his big moment; you could see it on his face. He seemed to be thinking that if he could just pull off the jet ski thing, maybe someone would want to hire him for something Other than Survivor.

Dear Jeff Probst (I cannot say just "Jeff"; you will always be both Jeff and Probst to me),

No one will ever hire you for anything besides Survivor and commercials for tooth whitener--ever! I hope you are investing your Survivor earnings wisely.



I feel so mean.

This weekend we went to a different library, as our usual library is being renovated, and it is so much better than the usual library. I will never go back to the usual library again, even though competition for new books is more strenuous at the different library. Different Library has so many more books, and is newer and cleaner and nicer and better in almost every way. I got several books and they all look good. Some guy hit on me in new nonfiction and Francisco wasn't around to swoop in and be possessive, so I was nice but mentioned my husband and son as soon as the opportunity arose. I'm really unused to being hit on, so it was kind of novel and not too unpleasant. Are libraries the new grocery store? In terms of places for single people to meet each other, I mean. I can think of many worse places for single people to meet; the library seems like a pretty good place, actually.

Saturday we had plans to see A Mighty Wind, but then decided to watch the Netflick we'd gotten instead. It was The Sound of Music--I had never seen it before. Francisco thinks it's crazy I'd never seen it, but there are lots of things he's never seen. And anyway, I liked it a lot. I'm not much on musicals, usually, but this one was pretty good as far as musicals go. It was good we'd given up the Mighty Wind plans, because Boy's friend Tony called and asked if he could come over for a couple or three hours. This is because his mom had to go somewhere, or something. So we said okay, and he came over, and I went out to do errands. Because Tony is a nice boy, but he is so loud and annoying that I end up very irritated if I have to be around him. When I got back from doing errands, Francisco surprised me with a Journey cd he made me; it was so sweet. He doesn't much care for Journey himself; so it was completely unselfish on his part.

Yesterday in addition to the library, we went for a walk and Francisco made multi-grain pancakes with strawberries on top. They were delicious. We also went food shopping and got lots of good, healthy foods. But for dinner we had sausages, which are good but not that healthy. Meh, it was Sunday. We accidentally bought the caffeine-free diet dr. pepper and didn't notice that until this morning. I wanted to do a dramatic "NOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!" but I was too tired and zombie-like to summon the energy. I didn't sleep well last night. I dreamt I was a doctor doing a residency, and frankly I sucked. I had a patient suffering from morning vomiting and nausea and I was going to have the lab run a pregnancy test, except I realized that the patient was a man. At the last minute. Then I thought it might be gallstones, so I was trying to hail a cab to send him to the lab for a gallstone test and couldn't get one. It was all quite stressful and I'm glad I'm not a doctor.

This morning when I got to work I saw that one of my coworkers had brought me a vaseful of peonies, because she knows I love them and they grow in her yard. They are gorgeous and they smell so good. I tried to talk Francisco into getting peonies for our yard but he says we have enough plants to take care of. Okay then. I will bide my time, and when we move back to the Seattle area, I will have as many peonies as I can cram into the yard. My coworker also brought me a bunch of copper wire, because I asked her where her husband got his (he is always making things out of copper wire) and I guess he had some extra. The wire she brought me is bundled up in a black casing, and there are various thicknesses in there. I'm going to be making a lot of artsy copper wire things, believe you me. My coworker and her husband are Such nice people.

Also, I went for a walk at lunch today, because I was too wiped out to get up and exercise this morning, early. The sun is shining and there is a nice cooling breeze, and it was perfect. No copperheads either; all is right with the world.


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