they should have just burned the building down and started over


Another fantastic day at the office, and when I say fantastic, I mean shitty. There's a crew of guys roaming the building, taking out radiators and vacuuming where they were, and the vacuum had a faulty belt or something and kind of smoked up the place with burning rubber. The fire alarm went off and that thing is LOUD. The campus police showed up to turn it off, and we were all out on the lawn to escape the smell and the noise, and we were sort of hoping there was some good reason we couldn't go back in. But alas. The smell lingered for an hour, and it made me nauseous. Plus there are some guys digging up the front yard with a backhoe to try and fix a plumbing problem. This kind of thing is going to go on all week, and then there will be a different crew of guys digging around the house to waterproof the basement. And then some of the carpet will be replaced downstairs, so we probably won't be noise and chaos free for several more weeks.

Okay, confess: Who voodoo cursed me as a Traitor? I suspect my sister in law, or Miles. Somebody step forward and take responsibility, you big chickens.

I should stay until 5:30 today, because I got to the office around 8:30, but screw that. I am Done with this office for today. Sorry for the short update.


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