ask me my cat's name


Today I thought of what may well be my most favorite potential future cat name ever. Ready? Mitch Masters, Private Investigator. Can you imagine the possible conversations?

Someone: What's your cat's name?

Me: Mitch Masters, Private Investigator.

Someone: ...

Okay, well, I haven't really thought about how the conversations will go, once the cat name has been revealed, but I bet they'd be funny. I have a list of potential future cat names in my paper journal, and you can be sure I inscribed Mitch Masters, Private Investigator in there, the minute I thought of it.

So, the Olympics are pretty much over now, right? We loved them very much. I think my favorite overall Olympic athlete would have to be Toby whatshisname, the American pole vaulter. This is because he insisted on wearing that helmet, and also because he proved himself to be a complete dork. The helmet made me suspect dorkdom, but it didn't take long for that to be confirmed. Otherwise there were plenty of athletes I liked watching, but I guess most of them had some obvious quirks, because quirky people are always my favorites.

My paint sticks have still not arrived, and I ordered them last Monday and paid for 2-3 day mail. I am pissed! We got an email yesterday saying they were delivered and Francisco sent an email back asking exactly where they were delivered, since it wasn't here. I want my paint sticks!

Right now I need to 1) Hang up my wash cold/hang to dry clothes, 2) Swallow vitamins, and 3) Get ready for bed. I'm tired and we're going to the gym in the morning; hopefully I'll sleep better tonight than I usually sleep on Sunday nights.


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