striving to fail


Last night I had a long and complicated work-related nightmare, and it's made me generally uneasy about work today. I dreamt (in a nutshell) that Nicole Kidman was very angry because I'd had to reduce her grant (financial aid) by $5,000 and she kept calling me up to yell at me and I was so tired of it that I hung up on her. I then realized I was going to be in really big trouble for hanging up, so I tried to call her back and say that we got cut off, but I couldn't get ahold of her. So then for some reason I was convinced I was going to be fired. This doesn't sound like something to still be uneasy about--I mean, it's stupid--so I have no idea why I feel that way. It's going away though.

Last night I had the idea to take a class at a community college and fail it, on purpose. And I wouldn't just fail--I would fail spectacularly. I would strive to get 0's on all my tests, and this would mean I would actually be learning a lot in the class, because otherwise on multiple choice tests I might accidentally get some answers right. I think this would be a good project; almost like a semester-long performance art piece (if one can define performance art that loosely, which, I don't know if One can, but *I* can). I think I'd like to wait on this until we move, mostly because I don't think our local community college offers too many classes that would interest me. When I finally do it, I'll put the results of my class failing experiment on that website I'm going to start at some point. I have many irons in many fires.

Today there was Such a furor in the office. Some kid was in to drop something off, and on his way out, he stole one of my coworker's Diet Cherry Coke from the refrigerator. Visitors to our office are having to come through our back door right now, due to the reconstruction of our front steps, and they walk through the kitchen on the way to the front desk. Someone saw him open the refrigerator and take the soda, but they were so shocked that by the time they got over the initial outrage, he was long gone. The owner of the soda sent him an indignant email to give it back. We shall see.

I have run out of time to write, but I don't think I had anything else to report anyway. Oh wait, yes I did. This is really fecking funny, and this is a good interview of Augusten Burroughs. Aaaaand....that's all.


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