the idea has snowballed


My day yesterday, in a nutshell:

Barely slept Sunday night, because Esther was having asthma attacks every 40 minutes or so. Francisco prednesoned her up, but still she coughed. At some point I decided the situation was dire enough to warrant a half of cyproheptadine (she was really scaring me), so I gave it to her and it helped, but since the cypro is the "crazy pill", Esther was then restless and nutty and still keeping us awake. So, as is my wussy way, I called in sick yesterday. I wasn't really SICKsick, but I was in no mental condition to go to work. I spent some of the day doing projects and packing things to mail, and some of the day reading. Also spent some of the day watching the Olympics (Tivoed from Sunday) and The Golden Girls (only watched that for 10 minutes, and it was mostly to get Francisco's goat, for he Hates that show). In the afternoon, my paint sticks arrived and the rain stopped (Gaston had been pissing down rain like crazy during the morning and part of the afternoon), so Francisco and I decided to take a walk. We decided, in fact, to walk on the nearby railroad tracks, and this was an excellent idea except that it was hard to find a way to get to the tracks, and the way we found made us go through a small wooded area just before the tracks. I mention this only as a precursor to telling you that Francisco stepped on a yellowjacket nest in the wooded area; it was not good. He was fortunate to get only about a dozen stings, but they were painful. We went home and fixed him up (disinfected the stings, got him some ibuprofen and some coffee with Bushmill's whiskey in it--that last thing was HIS idea) and sat around for awhile. Poor Francisco; I felt so bad for him. He's okay today, though--no lasting problems. It was a semi-productive day, but also restful, and that's good because I have puh-lenty to do at work today.

And here's something I'm excited about. Remember Mitch Masters, Private Investigator? [see also, previous entry] I don't know how it took me two extra days to think of it, but hello--childrens' book! Mitch Masters, the cat who is a private investigator! I'm so totally serious about this that I've already started writing it in my head, and if any of y'all steal this idea, I will sue you, kick your ass, and then sue you again. You have been warned.

Possibly more later, but I don't know yet.


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