maybe a bike


1) I might buy a bike this weekend. A girl bike. I know I don't have man parts, but that straight bar on man bikes skeeves me out. On my bike I would like a comfy seat and nice tall handlebars (I hate having to lean forward when riding), and a basket to carry things. I might also get streamers for the handlebars, but I could get those later. And a bell.

2) I think I should buy an invisible zipper foot for my sewing machine, especially since invisible zippers are my favorites. Then I should learn to sew properly, because my sewing expertise at this point is pretty poor. But think of all the sneaky little pockets I could sew into garments if I had the invisible zipper foot! That would be nice.

3) Something else I want to buy is shoes. Specifically I want comfortable black mary janes because last winter I decided skirts with tights are super comfortable, but the only good shoes I had for those were red suede. They WERE mary janes, but the color hampered me wearing them constantly, and the suedeness made them not great for certain weather, like oh say the snow we had on the ground for 4 months straight.

4) A marching band (unsure if they're from the high school or the college) has lately been practicing for the big rodeo parade, as they did last year. They haven't marched up our street yet, but if they do when I'm home I'll be sure to get pictures. Yesterday they were practicing at the junior high athletic field but then they marched into the Safeway parking lot and stopped and marched in place while playing. Then they transitioned to a different song and started marching again--out of the parking lot and away. I so love living in this town.

5) I don't know what I'm doing tonight or this weekend, exactly, but I'm going to try and finish up that lace scarf I've been working on for the last 37 years. I had planned to do a little more of it, but I don't have all that much to go, relatively speaking, and I might as well get that monkey off my back, blocked, and around my neck. Once it gets cold, that is.

Yay! 5:00!! I love weekends.

And you, kitty cats. I love you.



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