an acquisitional entry



1) This weekend I bought a bike (photos to come later). I absolutely love it--it has all the features I wanted except a super girly paint job, but that's okay. It's so much fun to ride I'll probably take it out every day until it snows or gets icy. Riding on ice doesn't appeal to me--not after last winter's concussion incident.

2) I bought some black mary janes--I think they'll arrive tomorrow and I HOPE HOPE HOPE they fit right. My feet are very iffy with shoes, but I had success with my last Zappos order, so I'm sanguine.

3) Yesterday morning we looked at a house that had some really terrific features, specifically a huMONgus kitchen/dining area and very large master bedroom, but the problem with this house is it's For Sale By Owner. "What's so bad about that, Eva?", you might be asking. Well I'll tell you: I'm not sure there'd be any way, since we did not go through our realtor to view the house, to get her paid if we bought this house (she didn't find it or tip us off about it or anything), and she's been so so great to us, I just can't live with the bad karma of buying a house if she doesn't get paid. I mean, we might still buy this house (if we can work out some of the yard/gardening difficulties), but if we did, my conscience will compel me to pay our realtor something, for all the time she's spent working with us. Francisco agrees she deserves something for all her help, but he's not quite so zealous about getting her paid as I am. I fear his heart is shrunken beyond all help, lovies. Eh, it'll work out somehow, and maybe we can set it up with the sellers that our realtor will draw up the contract and therefore be entitled to a cut. This is if we even decide to make an offer on that house, which we might not. I'm so tired of being obsessed with houses.

4) This evening the Memorial Poo is having their annual dog swim and I will be there with camera in hand. Apparently they drain the pool every year toward the end of August and do a major scrub-out on it, but the day before they do that they invite all the dogs in town to come swim, for free. I just. How could I not be there for that?! I can't, that's how.

5) However, this makes me glad I don't swim for exercise, because draining and cleaning the pool only once a year makes me feel a little gaggy. Possibly they do it more often than that, but I don't know. I mean, it's a lot of water to have to replace, but still. Groce.

6) I went to the St. Vincent de Paul thrift store in town this afternoon and they were having a "warehouse sale" that I didn't know about. There were about 35 massive cardboard boxes throughout the store with clothes in them, and clothes from the boxes cost $3 per bag. I was overwhelmed by the boxes and didn't intend to even look through them but then I saw a handknit sweater in a rather heinous style but in a beautiful yarn in one of the boxes that I decided to buy and unravel for another purpose, so then it would've been stupid not to look through the boxes at least a little. So I looked through some of them and ended up with 4 sweaters, a designer jacket and designer skirt, a frilly dress-up dress for Lou and a funny 80s parka for Baby Frances. The clerk crammed all of that into one bag, so it was only $3. The sale apparently goes through September 2 and the clerk said they're putting new stuff in the boxes every day, so probably I'll be at St. Vincents at least a couple more times this week. Score!

This is all for now.




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