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Last night after Francisco got home, we took our bikes out and rode to the Memorial Poo for the annual dog swim. Good lord, people; it was even more fun than I expected.

There are many more pictures of this thing on Flickr, and mostly they're blurry because the pool wasn't well lit and the dogs were in constant motion, but they at least show you how much fun the dogs were having. I loved this event so much I'm going to attend every year if at all possible. After leaving the dog swim, we rode our bikes around town a little bit, and that was fun except for the effing wind which was relentlessly strong this weekend. I got very cranky on Saturday, in fact, because we went out several times (mostly just walking) and the wind was constant and just so aggravating. I think it's died down today, though. *fingers crossed it doesn't start up again for awhile*

Oh, and here's a picture of my new bike. I just love her:

mi bicicleta nueva

Last night we were in bed with the light off before 9:00, which was about right since the alarm was set for 4:45 (gym time). I woke up once to use the bathroom, at about 12:30, and once when Esther was scratching furiously at the bathroom door, which wasn't fully closed so she should've been able to push it open, but she's not very smart. That was at 2-something. When the alarm went off, both Francisco and I were sleeping so heavily that we were super slow to wake up and didn't end up going to the gym--we went for a 30 minute walk instead, because it was about all we could manage. I don't know about him but until about 2:00 I was so groggy I could hardly think; hopefully he's faring better.

Even despite the grogginess I managed to put together the slow cooker chicken paprikash that's on tonight's dinner menu, but it took me 45 minutes. Probably it took that long because I've never made it before, as well as because I'm so freaking tired, but hopefully it will be as delicious as I think it will be.

Speaking of food, you know how a serving of meat is supposed to be about size of the palm of your hand? On Saturday night Francisco grilled steaks that were larger than my whole hand, and I have man hands, as you know. I was sure I wouldn't be able to eat more than half of mine, but as it turned out I ate the whole entire thing. It's been awhile since I had a steak, let alone one that good, and it was just what my pms was demanding.

A student came in a minute ago and I was giving him some unwelcome news about his eligibility and he said, "That's so gay." I hear people say that sometimes and it bothers me, but I've never had someone say that TO me, I don't think, and definitely not when I was doing my job. It kind of struck me dumb for a second, because my initial reaction was that I wanted to tell that guy how offensive that is to me, but then I realized I didn't want to talk to him even one second longer than I had to, so I let it go. I feel like that was a cop-out on my part, but I also think he could tell I didn't like that he said that--I have kind of a terrible poker face. I just. Ugh, what a rotten little phrase that is. The sooner it fades away, the better.

Tonight I'm going to have dinner with my mens and then I don't know what. Read or knit, maybe. I'm going to bed early and will go to the gym tomorrow morning and then work all day, and tomorrow night after work we're looking at 2 houses. I'm very tired of thinking about houses, people. And houses are all I ever dream about anymore, in various contexts and it's getting annoying. I miss dreams about sex and about turning into a duck and about eating a whole cake; stuff like that. Houses are ruining my dream life and we need to buy one so I can stop thinking/dreaming about them already.

My shoes came today! I'm going to run home and try them on.




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