goodbye dream house


There's a house in town, a few blocks away from where we live, that I admire every time I walk past it. It's a very mod style and I just really love it and have wanted it for my very own. Today when I did my search for new house listings, the house appeared--it's for sale! And of course, OF COURSE, it is out of our price range. Even if we put all our savings toward a down payment (which we didn't want to do), the monthly payment would be daunting, though theoretically doable if we lived by a strict budget for the next 30 years. I sent the listing to Francisco (who loves the house as much as I do) just for his information, with no intention of asking our realtor for a viewing. We just can't afford the house and I think I'm okay with that--it's much bigger than we need anyway. There. I'm over it.



PS It occurs to me that those of you in cities will marvel at how cheap the house is, but remember that this is a small town and also if you're marveling you probably make more money than we do. I'm not bitter, I'm just saying.



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