With lying you can go far


My boss is getting over some kind of flu illness and since he returned to the office on Monday he's been really coughing up the place. And it's loud. This coughing is turned up to eleven, my friends, and I don't understand why his coughing is so much louder than other peoples'. His office is down the hall from mine, but when he coughs it's like he's right here [*holding palm of hand 3 inches from neck*], and even with his door shut, like it is now, I can hear him hacking away loud and clear. It's on my last gay nerve, and I'm afraid I'm going to snap and scream, "Shut that shit OFF, MAMARRACHO!!", before slamming my door in a fury. Only the knowledge that I would be oh so fired is keeping my wrath in check. One of my coworkers thinks he's coughing that loudly to garner sympathy, but I can tell you right now it is Not Working.

Remember how I recently (2/4) confessed to y'all that I made up some numbers for a university publication? I just got an email asking me to confirm those numbers, and since I made them up we've actually gotten the real figures, so I was prepared to be all, "I'm glad you emailed, because we've gotten the final figures now, blah blah blah". But do you know, the numbers I made up are ABSOLUTELY SPOT ON? I was floored and was prepared to find religion until I remembered that I made them up by increasing the ones from last year by 4%, and that must've been the way the new figures were determined as well. So, not a miracle, but it still feels good to have been accidentally correct. The moral of this story is, lying is good. Wait. No.

I have been summoned to jury duty next month--March 8. I'm sort of looking forward to it, truth be told, because I haven't been summoned for at least 5 years, and the people-watching at jury duty is Excellent. You can bet I'll be taking notes and will report back.

Yesterday I didn't update because my Netscape did something very weird. I was using it, I closed it down for awhile, and when I clicked the icon again to open it, it seemed to be under the impression that it needed to be installed. I just finally got the IT guy to come over and look at it, because I didn't want to "install" Netscape all willy-nilly, especially because my bookmarks were missing. He found a backed-up version of them, so all is right with the world, and I can stop being on strike now, which I was yesterday because I had to use Internet Explorer, and I hate it. He also installed QuickTime on my computer, because I didn't have it, and do you know how many funny things people send me that I couldn't see because I didn't have QuickTime? A LOT, that's how many.

But now I am out of time for the writing.

PS Have you ever taken a picture that you think is So Good, but practically everyone who sees it is all, "oh, cute", instead of "YOU'RE A GENIUS!!", which is what they clearly Should be saying? I am vexed. |


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