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Last night Francisco and I decided to look at DJ Dizzy's Dance Hizzy (that dance instruction cd I got from Netflix) and there are no words to tell you how unbelievably horrible it is. It is probably the worst and most embarrassing thing I have ever seen, and that's saying a LOT, given the humiliation of my teen years. I thought it would probably be kind of dumb, but in a fun way, so I wasn't prepared for the travesty that was DJ Dizzy. It turns out the dvd is geared for children and teens (I didn't realize that from the Netflix description), but even still, it totally sucked ass. When I rate it, I will see if I can give it zero stars, and if that's not possible, then it will receive 1/2 a star. Cringeworthy; two thumbs way down.

The best and most unexpected thing happened at the gym this morning: I talked to Jeremy Northam!!* I was emboldened to speak to him because some new guy (new at the gym--his name is Mike) talked to me and Francisco when he saw my "VOTE FOR PEDRO" shirt. Mike seemed to like us and it was fun to actually speak to a person at the gym, so when Jeremy Northam's friend, Otto, didn't show up to lift weights with him, and I got the chance, I said, "So did your friend sleep in, all lazy-like, since it's Friday morning?" And he laughed and said yes and he was going to have to call him when he got home and chide him (or something) and that his friend didn't like getting out of bed. I said I couldn't point fingers at his friend for that because I sometimes have trouble getting up, and he said I could absolutely point fingers, because I was here and his friend was home in bed. I mimed pointing my finger randomly (since I didn't know what direction his friend was in--hello CHEESY) and said goodbye, because we were leaving. Fortunately I didn't find out his name, because now I can still think of him as Jeremy Northam. I think that could be our next conversation-starter with him, actually: "So you probably get this all the time, but you Know you look a lot like Jeremy Northam, right?" That's so crazy it just might work. Also, how sad is it that I have to plan conversations in advance? I'm thinking pretty sad.

Yesterday when I got home there was a cd and card for me that came in the mail from Slummyjelly, and the cd is most excellent--I love it! I can't believe Jelly made that for me and mailed it this week when she had other, more important things on her mind (such as the surgery she had yesterday--her brain twin, Dreas, says she's doing really well, btw)--she is the Sweetest. The card made me laugh and laugh--it was a card, "Especially for you, Pastor". There were some very long pre-printed sentiments about what a good pastor I am, and Jelly also enclosed a nice long message in Spanish, which I LOVE because it gives me the chance to practice. She included a disclaimer that it wasn't "real" Spanish, but even in my ignorance I can tell girlfriend Knows from Spanish, and she needs to quit frontin'. I am going to make her a care package and get that in the mail ASAP. That will be my main weekend project.

Otherwise this weekend (I am the Segue Master), I don't really have plans. If we had the website software we're going to purchase, I would work on the site, since lawd knows it needs it. But we don't have it yet, so I will do the care package and a few projects (minor) in the house. I would also like to try and make a good stencil, because this site has inspired me to try some political graffiti. That may be limited to t-shirts and posters, but one never knows, and even if one did know, one would be foolish to declare ones intentions to the whole interweb, right? Also on the agenda for the weekend (well, for tonight) is to watch the first episode of Survivor Palau. I know I'm a sucker and all, but I'm still not tired of Survivor. I'm tired of pretty much all other reality shows, but Survivor still hasn't gotten old for me for whatever reason. Survivor!

I'm reading Eats, Shoots, and Leaves right now, and I'm really enjoying it. Next up, a history of the Ottoman Empire, which I hope I enjoy. I'm pretty fascinated with the Ottomans and would have read the book long before now (I've had it for months) except it's huge and I'm afraid it's going to be dull. I'll give it a shot.

That's all I have for today, Sugars. Have a great weekend!


* Not the real Jeremy Northam, fool; his North Carolina doppelganger. |


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