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I've been feeling kind of off the past few days, for whatever reason. Just kind of blah and uninspired, and a tiny bit depressed. It's no big deal--I've felt like this before and it goes away--but in the meantime I don't really feel able to write the kind of interesting entry that you, my interweb friends, acquaintances, and strangers, deserve. Logically this means I shouldn't be writing this entry, but I just thought I'd check in to say I'm a little depressed until further notice.

One thing Almost restored me to my former self today, and that was Francisco calling me to tell me he'd heard on NPR there is POTENTIALLY a liger loose in Simi Valley. It's definitely a big cat--a lion, tiger, or liger--and based on the pawprints, it weighs somewhere around 600 pounds. An actual liger! Maybe! I thought those weren't real animals, but it turns out sometimes in captivity tigers and lions will breed. Who knew? Once I heard that, I went poking around on the interweb, and look how massive they are! I would be very nervous to stand next to that cat, I'll tell you what.

I'll be back soon, sugars.
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