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Let me tell you about the problems I'm having making a website for myself, and just so you know, this will be completely super-fascinating, so you won't want to miss a second! [Joyce: She's totally lying--run for your lives!] Note to self: Fire Joyce. Anyway, problem number one is that I really don't know what I'm doing, and mainly what I do NOT get is, there's all these files on the host's server that are mine, and I'm supposed to upload things to them. The uploading looks somewhat straightforward, but I don't know which files to put what in, and once stuff is in there I'm not entirely sure how to get it onto the web, but hey, one thing at a time. Problem number two is the design of the site, and that will be solved by the purchase of some web design software which will put the coding in for me, because though I'm sure I could figure out how to do it myself, it would be time-consuming. Yesterday I emailed the help desk and they set me up with some free software that has templates on it and step-by-step site creation help. I put together an extremely rudimentary and not very attractive site, but then I decided I disliked the software I had chosen to manage my site content, so I deleted it to load different software, and this wiped out everything. Oops! I started over with a different template and again created a rudimentary (though slightly more involved) site, but yesterday parts of the first template were still hanging around, and it produced quite an eyesore, let me tell you. Those parts seem to have vanished on their own, because when I just looked at it, it's 100% that second template. It's over here, if you want to see the mess. I chose a business template and the software wanted me to type in my company's slogan, so I put in "I didn't just fall off a tomato truck, you know", and you can sort of see that in the mishegoss on the left--it's the best thing about the design, in my opinion. So. What I need to do is, get the web design stuff, make a site that is pretty and has funny pictures of animals and their butts [actual site may vary--animals and animal butts not guaranteed], figure out how to upload to the server, and more importantly, which folders to upload to, and oh, also first I have to load some software to keep my photos in, but once that stuff is done, I might just have a decent site. Still not entirely sure what I'm going to be doing on there, but I have lots of ideas. One thing I will Not be doing there is blogging, or diarying (whatever you want to call it) because I prefer to keep this separate from that--mainly since that site will have my name on it and I don't want to be Dooced. My diary is going to sit tight at Diaryland, which certainly doesn't guarantee my anonymity or that I won't be FOUND OUT, but at least my diary here doesn't have my full name anywhere, and that helps. Anyway, that's the story so far about my attempts at making a website while possessing no actual knowledge on how to do so. I felt really tense about the whole thing on Saturday, like WHAT WAS I THINKING?, but by yesterday I was calm and had decided to accept it's going to take me awhile to get this stuff figured out. A person can't just start from zero and expect to do everything immediately, right? [Joyce: Fools! I told you to run; I bet you're sorry now.]

My boss was out of the office for all of last week, and this morning he asked me, as he always does when he's been gone, "Did you miss me?". I told him what I always tell him, which is, "No". I'm not sure why that's such a funny game for him, but whatev.

I noticed the yellow star that said 'Big Earl' wasn't up on the mirror at the gym very long, and when I expressed my sorrow about this to Francisco, he said, "You should put up a new one". Of Course he's right--I should put up a new one! I'm sure we have yellow construction paper at home, and that's all I need. Big Earl is going to be back on the mirror where he belongs, and I will refill as necessary.

Not a lot to write about from the weekend. I spent pretty much all day Sunday trying to figure out webpage stuff, and you can see how entertainingly That turned out (answer = not very). Oh, here's a little thing. I've decided I'm going to take the Prayer Child with me when we travel, and I will take pictures of it worshipping the various things we see. I think this will be a good project, and I'm glad the Prayer Child is small; it will travel well.

I have to pee and I'm out of things to say.

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