Make mine a light coma, please


Francisco got an email from his sister, Twyla, today, to tell us how the costume package we recently sent her daugher, Lou, was received. I was cracking up, and hopefully she will not mind being quoted: "She spent a good portion of the evening crawling around like a kitten, and [Twyla's husband] will be sending you some ballerina video. Girl likes to dance....and takes it quite seriously. I have no idea where she's getting her moves, but they are dramatic. The shoes just barely fit (she's got mama's feet), but when I suggested they might be too small, she ran to the other side of the room and crammed those bad boys in. I'll cut the front seam eventually because I can tell she's NOT giving those up. That dress is too cute, and it will be seeing PLENTY of daylight. She's wearing it again today, and I have the feeling it is the outfit for the week." See, this is just what we'd hoped for. I love how children fall in love with costumes and want to wear them all the time. Apparently the ballerina dress will be worn until it falls apart, as will the ballet shoes that went with it, though they're too small. The kitty ear/tail combo is getting some play as well, and I hope once it gets cold enough for hats, that she'll be wearing the bear hat outside all the time. It's too bad Boy is too cool for costumes right now, for the most part. Maybe once he gets past the awkward teenage years he'll rediscover the fun of costumes.

Last night when I went to bed it was with the plan of getting up and lifting weights at the gym this morning, but I woke up at 4:30-ish and realized that I had a very sore throat, on the right side, and my neck glands hurt too. I woke up when the alarm went off but decided to stay in bed because I never think it's a great idea to exercise when you're getting a sickness. I've had a low grade fever off and on today, so dammit, I'm officially sick, but not incapacitated-sick. I came to work today because I have stuff to do, but I can probably stay home tomorrow if I'm not feeling better.

Dear Fall Weather,

Quit teasing me! This weekend and yesterday were So Nice, with the 70 degree temperatures and low humidity. You were clearly trying to lull us into daydreaming about hot cocoa and sweaters and cozy socks so that you could stick it to us with the 80+ degree weather the rest of this week. Yesterday I wore long sleeves and real shoes, and it was fabulous. Today it's back to capri pants and sandals (though I'm also wearing a poncho-type device, due to being cold from having a fever, so I managed to thwart you with that, anyway), so thanks a lot. All I want is for it to get chilly enough to warrant the frantic ingestion of ho-made macaroni and cheese, and an attempt at knitting Francisco a sweater. I have the yarn and pattern and everything. Cool down, already!



Boy's cross country meet yesterday was pretty fun, mainly for people-watching. I mean, I enjoyed watching Boy run, but since most of the running they did was on a woodsy trail, he wasn't visible much. Some of those kids were really funny to watch--one of them reminded me a little bit of the "I am a musical robot" boy from Spellbound. One kid, a girl from the other school's team, was carrying a carseat with a baby-sized doll in it, and that doll scared the bejesus out of me when I first saw it. I figured she was hauling it around for health class, and Boy confirmed that later (the kids speed-gossip; they are very efficient). It's a good thing, too, because just a tiny bit of observation revealed that girl to be extremely boy-crazy; she definitely needs to learn some small measure of how grueling babies can be. I'm going to Love going to these meets.

This fall and winter, I am not only going to make Francisco the previously mentioned sweater, but I am also going to learn to knit socks. I found a great tutorial, so I'm all set (except for yarn and double pointed needles, but I know where to get both of those). I think it's going to be very fun. But speaking of knitting, the new Knitty is up, and there are some great patterns. My favorites are the skating skirt and the Hallowig. Go look!

That's about it for today, but I want to mention I've been having some really bizarre dreams lately--the kind that leave you with an uneasy dream-hangover the next day. A few days ago I dreamt I was getting married to someone else, because everyone wanted me to. I was going along with it, through increasingly confusing circumstances, until 10 minutes before the wedding, when I realized that marrying the other guy would mean I couldn't see Francisco anymore. That's when I full-out panicked and went running to find him. I woke up before finding him and he wasn't in the bed (he couldn't sleep so he went up to his office), and I had to go up there and tell him my dream, because it was so unsettling. I'd like nicer dreams from now on, Universe. Specifically, I want dreams filled with kittens and chocolate cake. You have 7 hours to make the arrangements, Universe--better get cracking.

Have a happy rest of the day,


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