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Okay, why did none of you inform me that the new Survivor was starting? I mean, what do I pay you people for?? I missed the first episode, last week, but hopefully it'll be replaying so I can get Tivo Dennis to pick it up before this week's episode, because I hate missing stuff. I just spent some time looking at the cast's biographies and favorites, and I don't get it. Some of those people have led very interesting lives, and yet they all seem so boring, and similar. I kept waiting for one of them to surprise me, but no dice. I assume they're more interesting in action; we shall see.

This weekend was pretty good, but as usual, not long enough. Saturday we went to Target and the "Orient Supermarket". I love the Orient Supermarket, because it's the only business remaining in a horrendous former strip mall, and because it's tiny but it has so many good things. We got several cans of panang curry paste, some coconut milk, frozen potstickers, a couple jars of pad thai sauce, some rice sticks, a jar of the honey citron tea, and other stuff I can't remember. As usual, the proprietress recognized us and started a big conversation with us, which normally I enjoy, but on Saturday there were at least 2 other people waiting to pay, and I was very conscious of them waiting. She's a funny little woman--she always asks us how to make things with the cans of stuff we buy--this time it was the pad thai sauce, and Francisco gave her a thorough tutorial. We went to Target after the OS, and the top of my head almost came off. I like Target, but I hate going there when it's crowded. As I was finishing up the shopping (Boy and Francisco were looking at watchbands for Boy--not surprisingly he selected the one that looked the blingy-est) I saw a guy in front of the yogurt whose face looked like mine felt--as though he was barely holding in the aggravation--and I almost, ALMOST, stopped to say, "Doesn't this place make you want to start killing some folks?", but at the last second I refrained. I'm certain that was for the best.

Yesterday morning Francisco and I got up early and went to breakfast at our favorite place (Boy had spent the night with his friend), and we got there at the unheard-of time of 7:20. The restaurant looked so lifeless we thought it wasn't open yet, but it opened at 6:30, and the only other customers were two cops. Score! We both had omelettes--mine had cream cheese, bacon, green peppers, and onions. Very delicious. While we were having breakfast I came up with my latest theory. [Disclaimer: Others have surely thought of and voiced this before, but this is the first time it has occurred to me]. This theory resulted from my having read one of getupgrrl's blog entries, about Conspicuous Parents--the parents who always seem to think they have an audience when out in public with their children. The kind of parents who talk in loud voices to their children and glance around to see who's watching--you know the ones. Here is my theory on them: They are so self-centered that, before they had children, they only thought of themselves, and after they had children, they couldn't believe they actually cared more about another person than they do about themselves. I mean, how could anyone be more important than them? I think when parents are doing that "See me be a parent" thing, what they're doing is saying, "Can you believe I'm being so selfless as to put this other person's needs before mine? Me neither!" Getupgrrl had a great comment on conspicuous parenting: "You know, parenting is not performance art. It works even when other adults are not watching." Spot on.

After breakfast yesterday, we went home and Francisco got his guns together for the Sunday shooty shoot (3 gun competition--handgun, rifle, shotgun), and I started a minor knitting project. Boy wasn't coming home until 4:00, so after Francisco left I had the house to myself for 5 WHOLE HOURS. It was heaven. I knitted and watched the Fellowship of the Rings commentary (SHUT UP), and then I read until it was time to pick up Boy. I then made dinner (same dinner I made last Sunday--easy and good) and we just kind of hung out the rest of the night. I mostly read, while Boy watched some putrescent action movie. Quite a relaxing day

No more time to write today--I'm leaving early to go to Boy's cross country meet, and I have some things to do before that.


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