my leatheroids are flaring up


This morning I was poking around at Good Orient and was looking at some of the clothes they have (pretty stuff, some of it), and I saw something described as having "leatheroid" accents. That made me giggle. Then I saw something else described as "suedette". I giggled some more. It's funny the words people make up for things that are like other things but aren't those things.

Oh, and another thing that made me giggle today? This. And by giggle, I mean laugh so hard I thought I was going to throw up.

I didn't update yesterday because I was quite busy doing things I should've done on Wednesday but that I didn't do because I was still sick so I didn't come to work that day. Instead I stayed home and did some knitting and a load of laundry and sort of hung around until Francisco came home from teaching a class. He bought me a get well book on his way home, Elizabeth Zimmerman's Knitting Without Tears. I've had it in the back of my mind that I'd like to buy that book, but I'd only recently mentioned to Francisco that I wanted to get it, the next time we went to a bookstore, and wasn't he sweet to buy it for me? I love it So Much. The sweater I was going to make Francisco has now turned into a whole other sweater instead, based on some of the designs in the book. Elizabeth Zimmerman was the best knitting writer evah! The book is very entertaining, as well as informative. Francisco also bought Jon Stewart's new book, which I've read only a few pages of, but which I already love, due to the faux textbook style of it. Wednesday we also went to Boy's cross country meet, in the late afternoon, and once again there was good people-watching. Mostly kids, because kids are so damn funny.

Not sure what else to report, at this time. Tivo Dennis picked up Survivor for us last night (thanks for the remind, Slummy!), and we'll watch that tonight. Dennis picked up Lost and Rescue Me on Wednesday night, and we watched Lost last night and saved Rescue Me for tonight or the weekend. I thought Lost was pretty good, but I wish they'd been able to keep the show premise a secret (which I know is not possible), because I think the opening of the show, where the doctor guy stumbles out of the bamboo forest and sees the plane wreckage, would've been a lot cooler and more shocking if we didn't know what was going on. Also, I understand he's a doctor and is therefore an expert in the medical field, but how come he knows everything ELSE too? He took some flying lessons? Right. Because going to medical school and all that leaves people a lot of free time to pursue hobbies. I'm not buying his all-encompassing knowledge.

Boy has a friend over for the evening, and tomorrow morning Boy has to do "community service" at his school for slapping another kid at school a couple weeks ago. He didn't think that was much of a punishment until it kept him from having his friend spend the night tonight. I think it's good it Feels like punishment now--he'll think twice before he goes slapping anyone in the future. The incident was really not a big deal, but his school has a very strict policy about that sort of thing, which I think is good.

I don't think we have any plans this weekend, other than the usual. I'm just very glad it's Friday. Aside from my throat still hurting a little, I feel very good today. This morning I was really striding around the place, getting stuff done. I am ever so virile.

Have a great weekend,
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