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My Post-Move To-Do List:

1) Get some friends, already.

I'm just going to say what's true: I don't know how to make friends. It used to be easy, back in college and whatnot, but now it seems so much more difficult and I haven't been trying for awhile anyway, since I knew we were just going to move away. The internet has been a great thing for me, because it's fairly easy to find people you have things in common with online, and I have many fantastic internet friends that I LOVE. But it's not quite the same as having friends you see in person, and while I definitely want to continue my internet friendships, I would also like to add in some visible people to go hiking with, and have over for brunch. Now accepting applications: Must live in or near Ellensburg, WA, and have a valid driver's license. Francisco and I took a walk yesterday during my lunch hour, and we strategized on places we might meet people who could become our friends. I think our friend-getting plan is pretty comprehensive, and I have high hopes for its success rate. Stay tuned for updates.

Yesterday morning at work, we were called to a meeting in the conference room, wherein the boss said pretty much all the same stuff he has said every end-of-March that I've been working here. He droned on and on, and then finally the moment we were all waiting for: My coworker announced her pregnancy. I'm really so happy for her; she's been trying for a baby for several years and has had fertility issues. I mean, I'd be happy for her anyway, but her difficulty in conceiving makes it more triumphant, you know? She liked the onesies I made for the boss's granddaughter, so I'm going to make her some, but unfortunately I thought of a really fantastic one that I can never make. She is highly religious, which is what made me think of a onesie with the word "unsaved" on it. And hello, it's going to be TRUE, right? But still, I can't make it so I wish I hadn't thought of it, end of story. Her baby's not due until October 6, but I guess I'll make the onesies and leave them here for someone to fork over at her baby shower--it'll save me the trouble of mailing them later.

Oh, another thing the boss said at the meeting yesterday, before my coworker's announcement, is that Bob Dylan will be doing a concert somewhere around here soon, and my boss is so in love with Bob Dylan. I mean like IN LOVE with him. This provided me with the opportunity to say, "Are you going to throw your panties onto the stage?", to which the boss had no comeback--it was delicious.

Yesterday we got a hilarious video of our niece standing on a chair in the kitchen in her underpants, singing a song of her own composition, which seemed to be entitled "Hot Dog". For a microphone she was using what looked like one of those rubber squeezy bulb things used to extract boogers from babies. I so wish the videos of her would be posted (by her parents--I certainly wouldn't take the liberty) out on YouTube, because that kid would be a bigger star than the two Chinese Boys, in a matter of hours. But she's a star in MY mind, no matter what.

Today was a piquant blend of necessary ass-kissing and frantic work-doing--I got a lot done and feel pretty good about where I'm at right now. Oh, but on the way to work this morning, I got behind one of those big dumptruck things with the sign Stay Back 200 Feet, so I stayed back at least that far, but that damn truck still managed to hurl a rock at me that took a big cracky chunk out of the windshield. I KNEW it was going to happen, somehow, which is why I was obeying the sign (those signs kind of piss me off--who are They to say how far back I need to be from them??), so I wasn't even surprised. I called Francisco to ask him if he could arrange to get the windshield replaced tomorrow, at the house, but the battery was low so shortly after he answered the phone, I got disconnected. Poor Francisco thought something had happened, so he beetled out of the house and onto the freeway to look for me. He called me again just after I'd arrived at work, to see if I was okay, and I felt terrible I'd made him worry. After he went back home, he got an appointment for someone to come out tomorrow afternoon to replace the windshield, and it's not as expensive as I thought it'd be, and truth be told I'm not sorry to be getting a new windshield, because it already had a smaller ding in it, and it's 9 years old so it's not as clear as it used to be. It will be more enjoyable driving across the country with a clearer windshield, for sure. Though perhaps "enjoyable" is pushing it.

Song of the Day: Rihanna -- SOS, at Fluxblog. I don't know what it is about Rihanna's music that makes me like it so much. I can only compare it to some kind of childhood candy; Lik-M-Aid, perhaps. But whatever it is, I'm not embarrassed to make SOS the song of the day; shame is for the weak. UPDATE: The song was made unavailable today, without my knowledge, and every other site that had it has pulled it as well. It's, like, the hottest song on the internet right now. I'll keep looking for it, but in the meantime if you haven't heard it and would like to, you can listen here.

And now I will go home for a walk with Francisco and some dinner.

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