Oy, what a day. The morning was blissfully quiet and I got lots of stuff done, but then around 1:00 the calls and emails started coming in, and now that I'm about to head home, I don't have a lot to offer in the way of a diary update. But I'm doing it anyway because I've been so lax about it lately.

What I'd like to tell you today is 1) My Argus arrived this afternoon and I can hardly wait to try it out: black and white film for the first roll, I think. 2) This weekend I intend to be a powerhouse and get lots of things done, and wow aren't you glad I decided to tell you that? Fascinating. 3) Last night we watched the Lost episode we'd Tivo'd from Wednesday and omg the show is getting really good again. 4) I'm casting around for something--anything---to tell you, which is why I introduced Lost into the mix. 5) Tapped out, I'm tapped out--isn't that sad? I don't even have a song of the day for you.

I'm like the worst diary keeper of all Time. Sorry.


PS Since I suck today, please accept this photo of Lucy with her head rammed into the pocket of Chris's sweatshirt as a gesture of my love for y'all.

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