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Hi Internet,

What I would like to tell you today is my weekend was not long enough, but Liverpool beat Everton 3 - 1 on Saturday, and our brunch with my second in command boss yesterday was fun, and also we went on a walk and saw the fattest cat we've ever seen. The poor thing actually waddled and was about half as wide as she was long. She looked like a small footstool, and when we walk today I'm going to take a camera and try to get a picture so you can see her. I took yesterday and half of Saturday off of the calorie restriction experiment, and I think it was absolutely a good decision, since I'm pmsing and was so hungry I was ready to start eating peanut butter straight out of the jar.

Songs of the Day:

Bacanal Intruder -- Peladilla, at Motel de Moka.

Midlake -- Roscoe, at Music For Kids Who Can't Read Good.

Fabienne Delsol -- Laisse Tomber Les Filles, at Filles Sourires.

Pio Leiva -- Sonero de Verdad, at Caffeine-Headache.

You know the coworker who I think is pregnant? Or wait, did I even mention that to y'all? How my coworker who I know has been trying to get pregnant has been drinking ginger ale and eating saltines in the mornings, as well as conducting many secretive conversations on the phone, and whose schedule shows one dr. appointment per month for the next several months? I wouldn't know that last thing if someone hadn't told me, because I'm hopeless at looking at other people's schedules on the computer; I just can't figure it out. Anyway, most everyone in the office has been watching this coworker for the past month, because she's been having the conversations and drinking the ginger ale, and we're all convinced she's pregnant, but today she showed up for work in an enormous plaid flannel shirt, which by golly made me feel a tiny bit indignant. I mean, does she think we're stupid?? Can she actually believe she's putting one over on us? And I know, I know, she has very good reasons for keeping it quiet right now--I am fully aware that many things can go wrong in the first trimester, so one shouldn't announce a pregnancy too early--but once she finally makes her announcement, everyone's going to be like, "Well DUH, everybody knows that already, and congratulations, now could you please move to one side so we can get past you, fatty?"

Oh please, like we would say that. I wish I knew why I got so much pleasure out of thinking up the most evil things to say on any occasion--maybe it's a sickness. No, everyone (me included) will greet her announcement with happiness, but no one will be surprised, so hopefully she won't be expecting a whole bunch of "Oh my goodness, I had no idea!", because there's no way any of us are that good of actors.

Okay, so I'm going to finish this up and then go home in a few minutes for a walk with Francisco and dinner and etc. I hope to sleep well tonight and not have any dreams about Sharky driving a big van or rabid dogs that Francisco would have to shoot with a rifle like I had this morning. Vivid, but not exactly restful.

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