the murderous GPS


Hello! Here I am, back from my self-imposed hiatus. Unfortunately for you, all I want to say right now is this afternoon I spent 95% of a 1.5 hour meeting thinking about applique [I've got some Big Ideas over here, people], and also I'm wearing Smart Wool socks today that my mom got me this weekend [she insisted], and I am in love with them. They were $18 and worth every single penny. We visited Eugene this weekend and saw The Shark and my parents; it was a v. fun weekend and I only wish we'd stop listening to our GPS unit when she tells us an exciting new route to take, because I think she's trying to kill us. She directed us up a secondary sort of highway which got snowier and more treacherous the farther we went. We ended up having to turn around and double back on Sunday, which added at least 2 hours to our trip home. That Minerva (the GPS) better watch it. I'm onto her.

More tomorrow.




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