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Something irritating happened at work this morning, and I don't really want to go into it, but I will say my relationship with my second newest coworker has declined from friendly cordial and passed probably forever into the realm of "coldly cordial". I feel I am no longer able to cheerfully put up with her bullshit, but on the plus side, she won't try to burden me with her stories of personal triumph anymore, so I think overall this is a good thing.

This morning I dreamt one of my other coworkers was an alien being--the giveaway was his huge head and his red blood. I know, WHAT? I also dreamt I accidentally planted like 20 zucchini plants and then had to deal with all the produce. Nightmare.

Today I finally renewed my Diaryland gold membership. I had let it lapse because I wasn't feeling like updating here Ever Again, and in fact went a few days longing for an isolation chamber or at least a vow of silence. Not sure what was up with that, but I'm starting to feel more normal now.

Since my last update I really haven't made anything [possibly the new "creativity" theme for this diary will not pan out] except salads and some other foods, but I did some more work on the lace scarf I started 2+ years ago and am determined to finally finish. The second time I worked on it (last week) I almost completely ruined it, but managed not to (got off track with the pattern and had to unravel back, then had trouble getting all stitches on the needle properly). I've got to finish this thing up quick before I wreck it forever. Only 3 more repeats to go, so I'm going to finish it this weekend. Resolve.

Earlier this week, Francisco took a call from a girl who wanted to know if my photography company (he said she seemed to think I had lots of employees) photographed quinceaneras. He took a message, as I was unable to come to the phone at that time. The very idea of photographing an event like that filled me with fear and dread, but I thought about it the next day at work, and after I got home I called her and said that I had never photographed a quinceanera, but that I would be interested in doing it. Her quinceanera isn't until August, so I'd have plenty of time to get some more gear (would want an external flash and another battery and memory card) and learn some Spanish, but now that I've done all the agonizing, I think probably she isn't going to hire me for the job. She was asking about what packages I have, and I was explaining that the way I'd want to do it would be charge her for my time and give her all the photos I took, on a disk or disks. I had checked out some photographers who have websites and found that many of them work things that way, or in a similar way, and it's what I'd prefer anyway. She would want a photographer for 5 hours, so I told her I would charge $300 for that amount of time (this is low, from what I saw online, but since I don't have a lot of experience, I thought charging less would be good), and she asked if she could think about it. I said of course, and we hung up. I get the sense that she wanted a more traditional 'package of photos' kind of deal, so I don't think she'll call me back, but that's fine because really I just needed to say Yes to that, you know? Say yes even though it scared me, and see what happened.

It's a gorgeous day today. Cold, but with sunshine and dark blue skies. I walked to the library during my lunch hour and paid my $10.80 fine, outstanding from several months ago, and then went to the dollar store real quick to see if they had any Vivitar Ultra Wide and Slims. I didn't think they probably would (and they didn't), but someone in the Viv group on Flickr had seen them at her dollar store, so I thought I should give it a shot. On my way back to the office I stopped at Safeway and got a pack of gum. The checker asked if I wanted a bag, and I said "No, but can I have some help out?" She had just asked the previous customer if she wanted help out, and I felt like attempting some joking. The checker laughed after I said I was just kidding, but it was a nervous laugh. I still consider it a success.

No plans for the weekend, as of now, other than doing some chores and making some foods and finishing that damn scarf. Oh, and going to Jazzercise tomorrow morning at 9:00. I like going on Saturdays because I can do the whole class. On weekday mornings I have to leave early so I can get to work on time. Anyway, my main goal for the weekend is to get all my errands done on Saturday, because it's supposed to snow Sunday and I want to be able to stay in alllllll dayyyyyy.

I hope your weekend is fab.




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