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I was not planning to post until I could come back here and give a report on something I made, and show pictures. However, I've been thinking about the process of making things and have just determined my New Years Resolution: I am going to learn how to enjoy the Actual making of things. I absolutely LOVE having ideas for things and I LOVE LOVE the brainstorming/planning for how to construct the thing I had the idea to make. And I love having the finished object and feeling the sense of accomplishment looking at the object gives me. But actually gritting my teeth and making the object? This is sometimes fun, but the majority of the time not so much. But what is life about if it's not about DOING things, right? Lots of people enjoy the process of Doing, and I'm going to become one of them. If you enjoy the making of things, I would very much appreciate any hints/tips/advice you would want to share about how to enjoy the Doing. I know I can get there; I just haven't found my route yet. Maybe I should be playing East Indian music while someone fans me with a palm frond. And by someone, I mean a tan young man in a sarong.

Oh, by the way, I'm still officially on hiatus. Out of curiosity, how many more times can I update before I can no longer claim to be on hiatus?




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