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With both Sharky and Francisco away from home, I've been sleeping at night with the phone on my bedside table. And at 2:30-ish Thursday morning it rang, scaring me out of a deep sleep. I answered it, fearing bad news, but no one was on the line, or at least no one said anything. I hung up and laid back down with my heart pounding. Then my brain whispered, "what if they were trying to see if anyone was home, before breaking in?". This forced me to get up and look out all the windows, and then I laid awake a long time before I could go back to sleep, with the result that I felt as sick yesterday as I pretended to be on Wednesday, but yesterday I had to go to work. Karma, couldn't you wait? MUST YOU always be so immediately vengeful? I feel better today--I went to bed at about 8:15 last night, and I have finally shaken the migraine that was plaguing me. Of course, now I've said that it'll probably come back.

Oh hey, while I was home on Wednesday I called my doctor's nurse and she told me my echocardiogram results were completely normal. Yay! I am going to exert myself greatly.

Today is one of my coworker's last days, and another coworker is quitting in two weeks, so our office had a big barbecue out in the courtyard behind the building at lunchtime. We closed the office, even, and we've not done that since I've been working here; it was very nice.

I have more I could write but I got stuck with extra desk duty and had a bunch of calls to return and etc. I'm going to go home, go to feed Murray, and then return home again to harvest the ripe tomatoes, eggplant, and yellow zucchini so I can make ratatouille for dinner. I love that garden, troublesome though it is.




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