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You know how the cable guy told me on Wednesday that the cable company doesn't support Tivo and there was no way he could put the cable decoder cards into our Tivo? That same guy had to come back to our house on Saturday afternoon and EAT HIS WORDS. I saw that it was him and told Francisco I was going to hide out in the bedroom until he left, and I assumed he'd be at our house 5 minutes maximum, since the cable card installation instructions said something like, "Open the panel on the bottom of the Tivo. Insert cable cards. Close panel". However, he and Francisco were up in the tv room for SO LONG that I started to get worried and in fact started to fear the cable guy had killed Francisco and was trying to figure out what to do with his body. For real. I nearly took the gun out of my bedside drawer and charged up the stairs with it, they were up there so long. After the guy left, Francisco told me the reason it took so long was (basically) that the guy made a huge damn deal out of installing the cable cards and spent time trying to prove that the cable cards wouldn't work in the Tivo. Which he couldn't. Because they totally work. Francisco made the pronouncement that the cable guy had almost certainly been a criminal at some point, based on what he observed in cable guy's personality and also based on his experience with criminal personalities, from his time as a corrections officer. I am glad cable guy will not be returning to my house. He is SUCH an asshole.

Last Wednesday, between emotional breakdowns and whatnot, I started some alfalfa sprouts, but it turns out I shoulda put many fewer seeds in the jar because I ended up having to transfer about half of them to a second jar, due to the first jar being packed before all the sprouts were sprouted enough. Note to self: in future, a tablespoon of seeds will probably be enough. But! I LOVE that they grew so well. I am eating them on wrap sandwiches (my new big thing, as of last weekend) in huge clumps, and they are delicious. Also! When I was going to start them I needed some kind of loose weave fabric to rubber-band over the top of the jar, so I went to my fabric/yarn dresser and found the Perfect fabric, sent to me by one of the Janets, except I Cannot remember which one. We'd had a craft supply exchange and I got a number of amazing things, including this fabric that I previously did not have a specific use for, except now I do. I was so pleased. Thank you to either Chelle, Traci, or Beth! Actually thank you to all three, for being so wonderful, but an extra thank you to one of you for the Perfect Sprout Jar Covering Fabric.

Speaking of foods grown at home, as I always am nowadays, this weekend Francisco made ten batches of pesto from our basil, and we froze them. We also made 4 loaves of zucchini bread [he took two loaves back with him, Sonny and Twyla got one, and I have the other], and I shredded and froze about eight 2 cup bags of zucchini. I also made "Bangkok Spicy Pickles" with 7 lemon cucumbers (OMG I LOVE THOSE PICKLES SO MUCH) and last night for dinner I made ratatouille (I didn't make it on Friday). I tell you all this in case you're afraid we're not eating well or keeping busy. No worries on That score.

On Saturday Francisco installed a cat flap in the door leading from the kitchen to the sun porch, and I was so excited about that because of how much the cats love being on the sun porch. So far (predictably, really) they sort of hate the cat flap. They won't go through it unless we hold the door up for them (we've been holding it up until they get their heads through and then putting it down so they get used to the feeling of it on their backs as they walk through), but I hope--HOPE--they start using it on their own, because I think they would enjoy being able to go out there whenever they wanted. Cats, man. They just do everything in their own good time.

It was HOT this weekend! 105 on Saturday and 107 yesterday. We did a lot of sweating. It's cooler today and is supposed to cool down more this week, but I don't know. I don't mind warm weather, but that kind of heat is just ridiculous.

In between our various chores this weekend, we managed to watch 6 episodes of Spaced from the first season. I didn't expect to get that dvd from Netflix anytime soon, because even though it was at the top of our queue, it said "Very Long Wait". We lucked out! It's too bad that show only ran for two seasons (or maybe too bad each season only had 7 episodes), because I sure would like to see more of it.

Today is a new coworker's first day, and I think I'll like her pretty well. Something I Already like is that she's from the south so I get to hear an accent again! Accents are one of the few things I miss about the North Carolina.

It must be 100 times per day that I think longingly about quitting my job. Maybe after things die down in early October I won't hate it so much, but I sort of doubt it.

Now I go home to make a dinner. A big salad, I think. Or hey, maybe some raviolis. Or raviolis and a small salad. How to choose.




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