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I called in sick to work today, even though I'm not sick (I feel The Guilt about that) so I could be home when the person from the cable company came to install the "cablecard decoders" in our HD Tivo. The guy arrived at about 11:30 and seemed confused when I started talking about the Tivo. He followed me upstairs to the tv room/office and looked at the Tivo and then at the tv and said he couldn't do the cable card thing. He said I should hook the HD cable box back up to the tv. [PS the HD Tivo literature says it is NOT compatible with a cable box] I asked him why our cable company would say we could get cable cards if we can't, and he said he didn't know, because the cable company doesn't support Tivo, since they have their own DVRs.

So he took the digital cable box, which we are no longer using, and left. I assumed the Child's Pose (thanks yoga!) and wept, because I feel so, SO overwhelmed lately being the only one here to do things that need to be done. When I stopped weeping I started feeling angry and began making phone calls. First I called a different cable company and was told they couldn't provide service to us because there's some federal law that there can be only one cable provider per city/region. I assume this is known as the Highlander Act, and could go into a rant about how wrong I think that is, but won't. So then I called Direct TV, because I figured if we have to return the HD Tivo and use an HD DVR, I would rather, out of PURE SPITE, go with Direct TV than our current cable provider. I ended up signing up with them, with the proviso that I could cancel up to 24 hours before the installation appt (which was Sunday afternoon, the 17th).

THEN I called our cable provider (probably should've done this first) and talked to a guy who didn't sound like he totally knew what he was talking about. He said he thought they Could install cable cards into our Tivo. I asked if he could check with someone and find out for sure, so he put me on hold for a long time and then came back and said they should be able to do it. He wouldn't give me more than a "should be" for several more minutes until I had politely but firmly browbeat him into promising me that they could. I first had to tell him I already had Direct TV scheduled for installation, so I guess that whole thing came in handy after all. He scheduled the cable card installation for Saturday afternoon, and I hung up and called Direct TV back and canceled the Sunday appointment

I am spent. Good thing I used 8 sick hours for this, huh?

And now I will finally take a shower and then deliver all our squash to a nearby food bank [I just want to get rid of what we have and start fresh with what is still growing] and then go feed my cat nephew, Murray.

Things need to get better. Soon, please.




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