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I really want to tell you all about my long painting weekend, but my brain is so fuzzy today I can hardly concentrate. The brain was like that for most of the weekend too, so I sort of suspect paint fume brain damage or something. One thing I would like to say about the weekend is PAINTING SUCKS SO MUCH HARDER THAN I REMEMBERED. It's not just the painting itself, but everything that goes along with it--the upheaval of all the stuff, the plastic sheeting sticking to the bottoms of my feet, not being able to really cook anything, since the sofa and ottoman were both in the kitchen, and WOW I am such a big baby. But. It's over now, and the living room looks fanTAStic. That Sweet Mandarin is a kickass color and I love it so much; it was worth all the labor and aching muscles and nausea from breathing paint fumes. Poor Francisco, with his long monkey arms, had to paint the stairwell by himself, but luckily he found a device that painted up around the ceiling in the stairwell (with an extender pole) so he didn't have to use a ladder. That would've been worrisome. The computer from upstairs is now in the living room, and that already rocks because now I can listen to Radio Active in the comfort of my own home and with much better sound than from the laptop that was in the living room. We still need to put most of the art back on the walls, and I'm looking to buy a couple largish boxes (the kind that look like they're covered with leather, except I don't want Real leather, because we're not solvent enough for that right now) to go under the table the television is on, and hopefully I can find the boxes in a funky green color. I'm going to look at TJ Maxx, because they had some boxes like that but I don't remember if they had green. I don't remember much, right now. See also: fuzzy brain.

So, other than painting this weekend, we didn't do a lot, but David Sedaris was really great on Friday night, and Amy Sedaris was extremely funny on Letterman on Friday night (double Sedaris whammy), so there you go. I noticed this weekend that the volunteer squash growing out of the azalea and rose bed has a shitload of baby squash on it. We thought it wasn't going to fruit, but fruit is most certainly is. The squash are weird looking--kind of acorn squash-shaped, but with light green zucchini-ish markings. We figure it's some kind of weird hybrid squash, and I hope hope hope it gets ripe so we can eat it. I will, of course, let you know.

I voted yesterday and it was very exciting. To me. Everyone else in line at the Board of Elections in my town seemed pretty uptight and did not appear up for slapping my hand as I ran from the voting room, post-voting, and down the hall toward the door whooping with delight. So I didn't do that even though I wanted to very badly. Why isn't voting more of a party? It's a party in my head, for sure. I should mention I love to vote and wish I could go again, right now.

This morning, the neighbor cat, "Toby", came to the door as usual when we opened it (we didn't go to the gym this morning, though, because Boy has a field trip today and needed to be delivered to his school at 6:30), but NOT as usual Toby hesitated for a moment and then darted into the house. Uh-oh! He headed toward the kitchen but got sidetracked by the girls' Buddy Mat and toys. He rubbed his head on the Buddy Mat and then started rubbing his head on one of their catnip bags, which I allowed for a few moments before picking him up to take him outside. I paused at the door to our bedroom, where the cats were reposing on the bed, and there was a bit of a staring match before I put Toby by the door so I could open it and shoo him out. He didn't want to go, but the sheriff (Esther) jumped off the bed and was hossing her way toward him, so he went out, but then from outside, when Esther was by the door, he tried to Get her. He stuck his arm through the open door (open just a crack) and swatted at her. The nerve! I closed the door when his arm had withdrawn and asked her if she'd ever in her life seen such bad behavior. The expression on her face clearly said she had Not. The deputy (Lucy) showed up, wide-eyed and big-tailed, and started sniffing around to see what he'd contaminated. They didn't notice the Buddy Mat and toy contamination while I was there, but I bet they've found it since then and are Fuming. They are so easily outraged.

Boy doesn't get back from his field trip until 9:00 tonight, and Francisco is going to his Tuesday night shooty shoot, so that means I have the house to myself, and you Know how much I love that. I have no idea what I'm going to do with the time, but it will probably be a piquant mix of industriousness and indolence. Heavy on the indolence.

We switched our blanket for the down comforter this weekend, and it. is. heaven. I wish I was in the bed right now, in fact. I mean, speaking of indolence.

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