sweet fancy mandarin


"Sweet Mandarin". That is the color our living room will be after we spend [an undoubtably hellish] weekend repainting it. Francisco spent most of yesterday moving furniture around in the living room and making the desk/Raoul/other desk swap, so now the furniture is where it's going to be after we pull it out from the walls so we can paint and then move it back again. If that makes any sense. I spent some time last night putting our cds into the new albums Francisco bought yesterday, and I really like having them in there instead of taking up so much room in their cases. After the painting is done we will begin loading the cds onto the computer, though I would really like to get an external hard drive to put them on, because they'll fill up the computer's hard drive and in fact we don't have enough room on the hard drive for all the music. Francisco doesn't want an external hard drive, and he thinks we decided, after talking about it, that we won't get one, but I privately concluded that we will talk about it some more later. I sent him an email this morning about potential external drives which began thusly: "Okay, clearly this morning you thought we'd reached an agreement that we won't get an external drive, but my personal, internal agreement was that I would secretly investigate them and then renew discussions with you at another time. Which would be now." We shall see if I can wear Francisco down.

In other email news, I had an email from my mom this morning which contained the following: "...and then we had to come up with some slogans for signs we're going to hold tomorrow evening on the approach to the Ferry Street Bridge from 4 to 6. Dad's making the signs right now (pro-Kerry/Edwards signs, of course!)." I have no idea what this event is that my parents are holding up signs for (campaign event? protest?) but I love that they're doing it. Hopefully they will not be fired upon with cayenne pepper-filled paintballs, or get arrested. Or break a hip--my parents are in their 70's! I could not be more proud of them.

Tonight is our dinner/David Sedaris outing and I am so looking forward to it (only a few hours away now). This weekend we have the backbreaking labor from hell, and I'm taking Monday off to finish the backbreaking labor, if need be, or to have a day off, if everything gets done during the weekend. It's Parents' Weekend on campus this weekend, which means there are a lot of people dropping in on us today, but so far I've gotten off pretty easy (sshhhh--I don't want the Universe to hear). One mom just came to say hi and give me a box of strange little Halloween-themed candies. Normally I would've opened them and put them in the kitchen, but I think we're going to need them at home this weekend, so I'm selfishly hoarding them.

At this moment I'm psyching myself up to do work this afternoon and wait patiently for my pre-dinner martini at the restaurant tonight. I'm also feeling that my ass is asleep, and that is not good. Time for a trot around the office.

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