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This morning I was futzing around the interweb, as I am wont to do, and I noticed (a little late--I should've noticed this a month and a half ago) One Ring Zero is going to be putting out a DVD of videos, and they're inviting people to submit ho-made videos for consideration (see September 10, on the linked page). I would love to try and scratch something together for that, but since I don't have a digital movie camera, it doesn't seem like it's going to work out, and I don't know when the deadline for submissions is anyway. I mentioned it to Francisco and he proposed we get ourselves a digital movie camera for our anniversary (December 16th--this year is our 15th anniversary) and I think that would be pretty great. Think of the possibilities! There are so many my brain hurts. As I was thinking about the many possibilities for the movie camera, I thought about Obtainium, Omatic's site (Omatic is an AtomicFriend, though he almost never pops by AtomicTonic anymore, the bitch), because I think it's such a great idea to make commercials for products you like. I was thinking about the One Ring Zero videos and the Obtanium concept and the two meshed in my mind; why not make videos for songs I like? Completely unsolicited, yes, but how could anyone take offense? I could put them on my still-uncreated website...when it's done...whenever that is. Have I bitched lately about how many self-imposed irons I have in the fire? I'm ridiculous for thinking of yet another thing to do when I already have so many things to do. I'll add this latest thing to the ever-expanding list.

The down comforter has been so great lately and the cats have been loving it as well. Esther gets under it and tucks her face into some part of me and purrs and purrs. She'll stay there until 1) she gets too hot, 2) she remembers an important appointment she has with the food bowl, or C) dogs bark a block and a half away, causing her to rush all panicky out of the covers and onto the floor. The last time C happened I thought about how barking dogs are like Esther's own personal Cossacks. I wish there were a way to explain to her, rationally, that the dogs cannot harm her or burn the house down, but she is woefully lacking in English comprehension. Lucy doesn't freak out at the dogs barking, or at least not noticeably. Lucy's always freaking out about something.

Do you remember how the whole living room redecoration project started because we decided to get an iPod? Yeah, we decided we don't want one after all. But at least our living room is really gorgeous now in its sweet mandarin splendor. Also, Francisco has come around on the external drive idea [YES!], so that can just take the monetary place of the iPod, with change left over.

Andreas Novak just forwarded me an email from one of his former coworkers that features "Holler!" as the final sentiment--her signing-off phrase--and it's cracking me up very much right now. I have the feeling you might be seeing a lot of Holler! in the future.

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