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Ugh, back at work today. I feel better but not entirely well and would far rather be at home, sprawled on the couch while watching home improvement shows. Alas, I must make a living, so here I am, but I need to think of things to eat today that will be scratchy on my throat, because it kind of itches, as do my ears. The CLIF bar I just ate was somewhat scratchy, but I need more, More! Maybe at lunch I could have some chips and sunflower seeds.

Yesterday Twyla and Sonny came over to look at a house for rent and they decided to go ahead and rent it even though the rugs are ugly. I didn't see the inside of the house but the outside is cute and it's in a good neighborhood, so I'm happy for them. And Yay! This means they're Definitely moving over here! They're renting as of September 1, so I hope that means they're moving in that weekend. I'll start lifting weights in preparation for helping.

Last night Francisco and I looked at two houses, both of which had interesting/charming features, but we concluded neither is the house for us. One of them was large and had a nice yard (not perfect for gardening but pretty good), but the layout was off-putting to us, because all the rooms were so isolated. We prefer an open floor plan, or at least not quite so closed as this one. The other house was also large, and though it had some odd (and ugly) features, it was sort of tempting because of the acreage and the canning room and the workshop/barn/garage. However, there's a housing development going in right behind the property which will necessitate a widening of the road at the front of the house (and subsequent loss of land) as well as a road through the property on one side, and since it's still undecided where this road will be, exactly, and how much land will be lost with that and the widening of the existing road, we couldn't really consider it. I'm especially irritated that the road through the property will Definitely (per the realtor) eliminate the woodshed as well as the only fruit trees on the property (2 apple and 2 pear). So, forget it; we'll keep looking.

Something I like about my coworkers that I don't think I've ever mentioned is what enthusiastic eaters they are. They like food and they eat it with gusto, and this is a nice change from my last workplace where people also liked food but much of the time there was a shame vibe that went with the eating. People would say they shouldn't eat whatever food there was but they would eat it and then express regret or guilt. This was not true of every single person, of course, but it was true of the majority, and it bothered me. There's one person here who acts guilty about eating, but I think she's the only one in the whole big group, so that's nice. Oh, and I have a coworker who likes to bring me food things, and I totally enjoy that but need start thinking of things to bring to him in return. I was going to bring him a jar of the pickled red onions I make but he said he doesn't like pickled onions so it's back to the drawing board. Anyway, today when I got to work there were two small jars of his homemade apricot jam on my desk, and I LOVE that stuff. It's so totally apricotty, unlike some of the store bought apricot jam.

Hey, Twyla told me about a good website and I'm going to pass it along to you. It's The ThriftShopper, and if you enjoy thrift shopping, you'll enjoy the site. I'm in a quandry, though, because I don't want everyone to know how good this town's thrift shops are--I'm afraid people will start coming here to buy all the good stuff and there won't be anything good left for me. Selfish? You bet. But thrifting is one of the things I enjoy most, so I feel protective of it.

This is all I have time for today.




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