quick and dirty update. more quick than dirty


1) Called in sick on Friday so I could get some cleaning and etc done for Diana's visit on Saturday. Didn't feel good Friday morning but wasn't SICKsick until Friday night when the cold I'd been fighting finally got the best of me. This is the Universe keeping me honest, I guess.

2) Diana's visit was fun and I was very glad she stopped on her way through, but it would have been nice to feel more energetic and all that. We didn't do a lot, other than lunch at the Tav and forcing her to drive around with us, looking for rental houses for Twyla. See #4.

3) Our house inspection was Saturday morning and turned up some unexpected big problems. The house was built in 2004, which we knew, but what we didn't know is it was built by the man living in the house with his family, and he isn't a professional builder. There are grillions of small things wrong with the house and two big things. The biggest thing is that in the kitchen area the guy used a cantilevered building technique (PS I don't know what the Eff that is) but he did it incorrectly and as a result, this part of the house is sitting directly on the ground, not on the foundation. Wood touching dirt = not good. The other big thing is the outside isn't stucco like we thought but is instead some kind of faux stucco wallboard and the guy did a bad job putting it on so that the seams aren't tight.

4) We backed out of the house deal. I'm sad, since I could really imagine living there, but I don't want to have to fix the big problems, and who knows what other problems could be lurking in the walls that the inspector couldn't see? So we backed out and this wouldn't be a big deal except Twyla and family were supposed to move into our rental house, so now they have to make other arrangements and I feel terrible about this but don't see any way around it. Fortunately there are some newly-listed rentals that look pretty good from the outside, and Twyla and Sonny are coming over today to look at the insides of a few of them.

5) Since we still want to buy a house, we're getting back on the horse that threw us and are looking at a couple houses tonight. One of them is tempting us by its .83 acre lot and almost 1900 square foot house (plus a large shop). I will report back.

6) I woke up feeling worse today than I did all weekend. Cold, what is your damn problem?!? I'm calling in sick again, even though it makes me feel guilty. I just can't imagine trying to work today with this headache and raw throat and extreme body tiredness.

7) I'm going to lie down now.




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