So, okay, I'm finally on the mend for real. Yesterday morning I woke up with the same crazy itchy/achy ears and a blocked feeling in them, so I concluded I probably had an ear infection and should get it checked out. I called my supervisor and told her I was going to make an appointment with my doctor and be into work later; she said that was fine. I got an appointment for 9:45 and went, and yes I have an ear infection. Fortunately it's in the outer ear (as opposed to the middle or inner), so I just have to use antibiotic drops 3 times daily for a week. I used them 3 times yesterday and already the ears feel much better, and I'm back at work today. I've got a Nyquil hangover, but I'm glad I took it because it allowed me to sleep last night, which I hadn't done enough of on Tuesday. Oh, and also I ended up weaseling out of going to work yesterday, due to tiredness and a fever and etc. Fascinating!! But I'm just glad to be finally feeling better, since it's been about a week now that I've been sick--I'm ready to be well again.

Unfortunately that's about all I have to say, other than that my parents are bringing Sharky home on Sunday. It's been a nice break from him (and I'm sure he'd say it's been a nice break from us), but I'm looking forward to seeing him and will be happy to have him home, at least until the first time he cops his teenage attitude and gets cranky when I ask him to do something. Only two more years until he's 18--yay!

And now I go home to eat leftovers and a big salad.




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