I only peed!


There are some very Very rare times when I wish my boss would display his customary nosiness, such as today when I came back from the doctor carrying two small boxes of Synthroid samples. I wanted him to see them and ask about them so that we could have the following exchange:

HIM: What do you have there?

ME: Free drugs.

HIM: What kind?

ME: Roofies.

But it was not to be. What WAS to be, unfortunately, is that shortly before I left work for my doctor appointment I used the bathroom (just peeing) and when I flushed the toilet it overflowed, and not just a little bit. The whole bathroom floor was covered with water, and it was only after I came out of the bathroom that I saw the OUT OF ORDER sign on the door. The door had been open, and I had approached from the open side! I didn't know! I plunged frantically but it did nothing. And I only peed! To make a mortifying situation worse, the water was leaking through the ceiling into the reception area below, and the plumbers had to be called and told to get over here ASAP. I had to leave before they arrived so I don't know what transpired, but when I got back the toilet was fixed and the water was gone. It was a great send-off for the doctor appointment--as though I don't get worked up enough before seeing doctors.

The appointment went great and though the doctor could not answer all my questions, she at least tried and I got enough information to feel like it was worthwhile. She said my thyroid levels are in the normal range but lower than the range where most people say they feel really good. So I got another bump-up of Synthroid (samples with 8 week supply) and I will test drive it for 6 weeks or so and see if I feel better. When I get the blood test in 6 weeks she's also going to test for antibodies that would indicate if the slow thyroid was caused by an autoimmune thing (Hashimoto's somethingorother). So blah blah blah, another good dr. appointment, and I feel like I'm almost over this fear of doctors I've had for so long. It's a good thing.

No big weekend plans. We decided to go back to the flea market tomorrow morning (early, to avoid the horrendous heat we've been having lately) and let Boy invite his friend, Tony, so that he too can purchase a wrist cuff that will then make all his decisions for him. Tony's been really coveting Boy's cuff, and of course Boy wants another one, a mate for his current cuff. I think we'll let Boy and Tony do their own thing at the flea market and meet up with us at a designated time, because I don't want to spend all my time looking at things 12 year old boys find cool.

Other than the flea market, we'll probably stay in the air-conditioned house and watch whatever Netflix we get tomorrow. Francisco upgraded our Netflix thing to 5 movies at once (instead of 3) which will be great because we would rather watch good movies than the stuff on television. West Wing and Buffy excluded. The other night we watched a French film called The Closet which I would recommend--it's enjoyable and also I really like hearing people speak French.


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