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This weekend we took Diana (Seattle friend who was visiting) to the big weekend flea market in Raleigh, which I had never been to before but fell in love with, because it is great. There are the usual heaps of worthless junk, but there's more good stuff than there is junk, and some of the good stuff is really good. I'm going to have to go back repeatedly, but I'll wait until it is not 100 degrees with 631% humidity outside. Stupid weather. I wanted to shout "Thanks a lot, global warming!" today when on the way to my car at noon (when I was darting out for another illicit diet vanilla coke--my new soda fixation). Anyway, at the flea market the Boy spied a leather-goods booth with inexpensive leather wrist cuffs, and he bought one and has barely taken it off since. He Loves the cuff. He frequently stares at the cuff with breathless adoration. The cuff has taken over his life and is making him do things, such as covet other cuffs and clothing/accessories which would go with the cuff. He wants an increase in his allowance so he can buy "cool" clothes and get his ear pierced. I figured he'd eventually want to get his ear pierced but I thought it would be a few more years, as he is kind of a baby when it comes to painful things. But no--the cuff is making him want a pierced ear. We said okay, as long as he pays for it himself (about $20 from Robert The Piercer), though his grandparents will surely have Fred Sanford-eque coronaries when they find out about it. It can't be helped, Mom and Dad: The Cuff has spoken. I mean, if The Cuff told him to get a nose piercing or a tattoo of any kind on any location, The Cuff would be sorely disappointed and very likely kicked to the curb. But an earring is pretty harmless and lots of boys at his school have them, so it's not like he'd be mocked mercilessly and be made an outcast. We told him we'd give him an increase of his allowance if he A) learns to type, using the computer typing program we got him and B) picks up a few more chores around the house. So, see? We can use this Cuff thing to our advantage {insert evil muahahahaha type laugh here}.

Not a lot going on this week except working. After work I immediately go home and stay inside the air conditioned house, doing worthless things such as watching television and playing on the interweb. It's been a lazy week, but I hope to make up for it over the weekend when we don't go anywhere or make plans. I can't tell you how many half-finished project I have, let alone how many never-started projects I have all the materials for but not the gumption to start. This is the thing I most despise about my character--the complete lack of discipline when it comes to finishing the things I start. Which are legion. Take me to a hypnotist, Jeeves.

I have my endocrinologist appointment tomorrow morning, and I can hardly wait. You should see the list of questions I have for her; it is long. She's going to be sorry my doctor referred me, but at least I'll get some answers. Hopefully I can find her office-it's in the hospital, and the hospital has to mail out maps and directions to people who make appointments to see doctors with offices there because the hospital is just that big and confusing. I think I might take a compass with me.


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